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Hey hey, peeps, it’s the 12th of the month and you know what that means. Time for your monthly reminder to CHECK THE GIRLS! You’ll be glad you did. Don’t know how? Have I got an instruction video for you!

Enjoy and be healthy.

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This monthly breast health reminder is brought to you by WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE YOUR NIPPLE? A survivor’s guide to navigating the breast cancer abyss with humor and hope.

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Happy spring, all. Don’t you just love Mother Nature’s spring colors? I do, especially when they bloom in my awesome desert. I’m sharing pics of some of my favorites over at Tempting Romance. Oh, and if you’ve never experienced a dust storm, you’re in for a treat! :-) See ya there.

Tempting Romance

A Song for Sophie needs your vote over at Long and Short Reviews. With 25 five stars and a coveted Best Book review, it’s up for book of the month, you see. Voting continues 4/1 and 4/2/14. So please drop by and add your vote. It’s easy peasy. Follow the link below and click.

Thanks a bunch!



What do a gallery owner, ancient Celtic warriors, and the owner of an antique store have in common…besides their author? Come spend some time with paranormal romance and fantasy author Juli D. Revezzo, March 31, at 3PM at paranormal and romance lovers, Facebook page and find out!

Juli D. Revezzo is a Florida girl, with a love of fantasy, science fiction, and Arthurian legend, so much so she gained a B.A. in English and American Literature. She loves writing stories with fantastical elements whether it be a full-on fantasy, or a story set in this world–slightly askew. She has been published in short form in Crossing the River: An Anthology of Pagan Fiction in Honor of Sacred Journeys; Eternal Haunted Summer; Dark Things II: Cat Crimes (a charity anthology for cat related charities), Luna Station Quarterly, The Scribing Ibis: An Anthology of Pagan Fiction in Honor of Thoth, and Twisted Dreams Magazine. She is author of The Artist’s Inheritance, Caitlin’s Book of Shadows (of the Antique Magic series) and has recently released her debut paranormal romance novel, Passion’s Sacred Dance. She also has an article and book review or two out there. But her heart lies in the storytelling. She is a member of the Independent Author Network and the Magic Appreciation Tour.



Homepage: http://julidrevezzo.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/julidrevezzo

Twitter: @julidrevezzo


Welcome, romance junkies!

I’d like to tell you about a very talented voice in the paranormal romance genre. Willa Blair writes tales rich in romance and history with strong paranormal undercurrents. I’ve read several of her titles, including HIGHLAND HEALER and loved them all. “Healer” is on sale right now, a friggin’ bargain at $.99. So, take a peek, and take a chance at the giveaway – you might just walk away $10 richer – and as always, please feel free to share.

Have a good one.


From the Highland Talents Series

He needs her for his clan. He wants her for himself. Can he have both?

Toran Lathan never expected to become Laird, and never expected to meet a woman like Aileanna Shaw. Her healing ability is just what his people need, but Toran cannot resist her beauty. Yet will loving him destroy her ability to heal?

Aileanna Shaw has a healing touch–and a special talent she must keep secret. Stolen from her home by a marauding army, she’s kidnapped again by the Highland Laird she heals. Is she a prize of war, or the prize of his heart?

While Toran battles the invading lowland army, he also battles his desire for Aileanna. And Aileanna must decide if she can trust her secrets to this fierce warrior who needs her talent, but wants her love.


Available for purchase at The Wild Rose Press  Amazon

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Whoot! Whoot!

I was humbled and thrilled to learn A SONG FOR SOPHIE, my country music, contemporary romance has received a “Best Book” review at Long and Short Reviews. Seriously, I’m blown away. I had such fun writing Sophie and Beau’s love story and love that they’re finding a home out there in the reading world.

Oh, and did I mention “Sophie” is up for a RONE award over at InDTale Magazine? I didn’t? My bad. I’d love your vote. Please? I’ll be your best friend. *cheezy grin* It’s easy, just click here and look for A Song for Sophie under the Contemporary: Artists and Writers category. If you aren’t a member you’ll need to sign up but it’s a breeze and they always have good stuff for us romance junkies.

Thanks and have a good one,


Jobless, practically homeless, and tired of being manless, Sophie Taylor jumps at the chance to be Beaumont Walker’s personal assistant. Six weeks on the road with country music’s bad boy–and, more importantly, his all-male crew–is the perfect opportunity to change her life.

Beau Walker doesn’t need any more distractions. Sophie, with her butt-ugly suits and balls-to-the-wall attitude, shouldn’t be one, but she proves to be distracting and more–even, surprisingly, a friend. So when he discovers her plan to snag a man from his worldly wise crew, he’s determined to protect her from herself.

When Sophie realizes Beau is behind her failure to attract even one member of his crew, the last place she expects to find herself is in his bed. But will one night of passion convince her she’s woman enough for him? Or will it destroy their friendship and his budding belief in true love?

Hey hey, romance junkies, I need your help!

With 25 five star reviews, my contemporary romance, A SONG FOR SOPHIE, has been nominated for a RONE’ award at InDTale Magazine. This lighthearted, country music contemporary has moved on to the second phase of voting. March 17 – 24 readers are asked to cast their votes for their favorite read in several categories. The top six vote getters then go on to the final judging with the winners announced this summer in Las Vegas. I’m hoping you’ll help me out by following the link below and checking the box next to A Song for Sophie in the CONTEMPORARY: ARTISTS AND WRITERS category. You’ll have to sign up for membership, but it’s free and for romance junkies, there is always good stuff to be found there.


Thanks so much for your help and feel free to share with your friends.



When you stop doing monthly breast exams because you have cystic breasts and the process freaks you out, you miss that new lump.

When you miss that new lump, you go happily along, not realizing an evil menace has invaded your life.

When you don’t realize an evil menace has invaded your life, you’re at stage three at the time of diagnosis. 

When you’re at stage three at the time of diagnosis, chemo is necessary. 

When chemo is necessary, you lose your hair.

When you lose your hair, you look like Mike Myer’s in his role as Dr. Evil.

Don’t look like Dr. Evil!


This monthly breast health reminder is brought to you by WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE YOUR NIPPLE? A survivor’s guide to navigating the abyss with humor and hope.

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Welcome, romance junkies!

Thanks for stopping by. If you haven’t read Vonnie Davis, you’re missing out. Storm’s Interlude was the first title I read by this talented author and she quickly went on to become one of my very favorites. So, take a peek, take a chance at the giveaway – you might just walk away $10 richer – and please feel free to share.

Have a good one.


Nurse Rachel Dennison comes to Texas determined to prepare her new patient for a second round of chemo. What she isn’t counting on is her patient’s twin brother, Storm Masterson. Despite her initial attraction, Storm has two things Rachel can’t abide: a domineering personality and a fiancée.

Half Native American, with the ability to have “vision dreams,” Storm dreams about Rachel for three nights before her arrival. Both are unprepared for the firestorm of emotions their first encounter ignites.

Ultimately, it is Rachel’s past—and abusive, maniacal ex-boyfriend—that threatens to keep them apart…and Storm’s dreams that bring them together again.



Storm heard off-key singing when he opened the back door. He quietly toed off his boots in the mudroom before stepping into the kitchen.

An open laptop sat on the wooden kitchen table. Beside it was a mug of steaming tea. On the counter, a loaf of wheat bread rested next to a jar of peanut butter. Protruding from the opened refrigerator was a cute behind, covered by baggy yellow pajama bottoms, wiggling to the beat of the song being sung. “Shot through the heart and you’re to blame, you give love a bad name.”

The off-tune singing stopped, but that perfectly rounded bottom continued to wiggle. “Pickles… pickles. Surely there are pickles in this huge refrigerator. Maybe some of those sweet little gherkins. Oh, look, cottage cheese. You give love a bad name…” The off-tune singer extracted a container from the crowded contents of the refrigerator, absently reaching out to set it on the counter.

Sneaking up behind her in his stocking feet, he placed a hand on the edge of the open door of the refrigerator and leaned over her bent body.

She moved a pitcher of orange juice. “Okay, pickles, where are you hiding?”

“Check behind the milk.”

Rachel yelped and spun around, her hand to her heart. Her big blue eyes opened impossibly wide. “You! Wha…what are you doing here?”

He held out his hand. “Hello, Rachel. I’m Storm Masterson, Sunny’s twin brother.”

“You…you’re Sunny’s brother? Don’t you dare touch me.” She made a fist and had the audacity to shake it under his nose. He didn’t know whether to laugh or paddle that cute behind she’d been wiggling earlier. “You…you just keep your hands and your lips to yourself. You…you naked, kissing bandit.”

Purchase Storm’s Interlude and other fine Vonnie Davis titles at The Wild Rose Press.

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Braedric’s Bane is the fourth and final installment in the Golden Key Chronicles, a HarperImpulse Fantasy Romance Novella series by AJ Nuest.

I LOVED this love story and this series. Ms Nuest sucked me in with her rich writing style, smoothly delivering me into the heart of a mysterious fantasy kingdom. Along with a strong, feisty heroine, charming, sexy hero, intriguingly evil villain and lovable secondary characters, The Golden Key Chronicles took me on a wild fantasy ride full of action, intrigue and purely sexy fun.

I’m looking forward to future adventures penned by Ms Nuest’s talented hand.

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