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Have you ever met one of those women whose selflessness humbles you? That uber-talented person whose life is as busy, if not busier, than yours, yet despite those 20 balls she consistently juggles, she drops everything to lend a hand whenever there is a need? Well, I’m lucky enough to claim one of these rare women as my friend.

Darren and Kelly Moran

Her name is Kelly Moran and if you’ve ever had contact with her, you’ve most likely witnessed her giving spirit. Today, however, Kelly is the one in need. Her world was rocked to its core this past week with the sudden death of her husband. Darren was only 38 and Kelly and her three young boys are devastated by his loss.
As you can imagine, she is facing major expenses which is why her author friends, including me, are putting out the call to anyone who is willing to help us help her. There are several ways you can do so, like purchasing one of her books. Several would be even better. She’s got something for everyone on her shelf. You can find them all on the many online booksellers websites or on her Amazon page by clicking here.
If, like so many of us, you already own every delicious word she’s ever written, why not introduce a new fan to her amazing voice by gifting one or more of her stories to a friend? Of course, if you would prefer to contribute directly to Kelly and her boys, you can do so with a gift through Paypal. Her account is at morankellywrites@aol.com.
Please, do whatever is in your heart and if you wouldn’t mind, help us reach all of those who love Kelly by sharing this message with your friends and followers.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,





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