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In this first installment of her “Fated” series, Kelly Moran combines her genius in the “small town” romance genre with a steamy, kick-in-the-gut paranormal twist. 5 stars, baby!




A Song for Sophie needs your vote over at Long and Short Reviews. With 25 five stars and a coveted Best Book review, it’s up for book of the month, you see. Voting continues 4/1 and 4/2/14. So please drop by and add your vote. It’s easy peasy. Follow the link below and click.

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Hey Hey! What do you know? Today marks the official, world wide release of THAT DATING THING. That’s right, my lighthearted romance in the midst of Wall Street Greed is available everywhere.

Don’t have your copy? Well, shoot. You can find it at The Wild Rose Press, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other fine download sites.


The daughter of Wall Street’s most notorious stock swindler, dog trainer Rylee Pierce has perfected the art of flying beneath society’s radar. Prosecutor Cooper Reed is a threat to her carefully hidden truths, but how is a woman supposed to resist a man capable of handling a psychotic Great Dane while charming her out of her panties before she has the chance to blink?


“People rarely come out of this kind of thing on friendly terms.”

“This kind of thing?” He continued to advance.

“We’re connected through Sil and Elliott. I don’t want to see them caught in the middle when this…dating thing, or whatever it is you’re after, ends.”

“This dating thing?”

“Or whatever it is you’re after,” she repeated. As he closed the distance, she stepped back and bumped up against the shark cage. She slapped her spread fingers against his chest to prevent him from coming any closer. “I’m not in the market for a relationship right now.”

“Then we don’t have a problem, because neither am I.” He brushed a fingertip over the perfect skin of her cheekbone. “So, here’s what I suggest.”

Her eyelids fluttered, pupils dilating, and reluctant temptation replaced the wariness in her dark orbs. Still, she kept a defensive hand on his chest.

“If you insist on negotiating when I’ve already explained my concerns,” she said, holding his gaze, “I’d rather you didn’t touch me.”

He checked the urge to kiss her at the artless admission of finding his touch disturbing. Instead, he moved his hand to the cage beside her head. He wrapped his fingers around the metal bar and dipped his head, bringing his face closer to hers. She blinked but held her ground, boldly meeting his gaze.

“I propose we get to know one another,” he pressed. “A few dinners. Maybe a show, or a ball game or two if you like. We find out what makes each other tick.”

“Hmmm.” Her mouth moved into a smirk. “Five seconds ago you were talking a meal. Now it’s a few dinners and a ball game or two. At this rate we’ll be jetting off to Vegas by the end of the week.”

She didn’t try to stop him when he took the final step that brought their bodies within inches of each other. “Has anyone ever accused you of being a wiseass?”

Head cocked as though considering the question, her mouth quivered on a smile. “Nope.”

“How about a liar?”

She lost the battle with the smile and her low laugh sent a lash of desire whipping across his midsection. He did what he’d wanted to do since arriving at his father’s condo days ago. Leaning in, he took…


Hey, hey, romance junkies. I’m stoked you hopped on by. There are lots of stops on the A Very Paranormal Holiday’s Blog Hop, with many prizes to be had, including a 16GB Kindle Fire HD 7″, so I’ll keep it short and sweet. My individual giveaway is a $5 Amazon Gift Card. To be eligible, just like my FaceBook page through the rafflecopter link below. See? Easy peasy! But first, scroll down and check out Gift of the Realm, my fae fantasy romance-which happens to be on sale right now. *Wink* Enjoy!

Beneath the fairie mound of Dunhaven’s Door, two dreamers meet their destiny…

After a decade of trying to outrun her debilitating dreams, Keely returns to Ireland to face the ancient ring of stones and the man haunting them. Within the stones, she embraces her fairie heritage and her mystical gifts. But can she trust the handsome Halfling who shares her dreams and holds her heart?

When Keely reappears in his life, Colin’s fairie blood threatens to gain the upper hand. Compelled to assist the lovely Halfling, he agrees to help her break the three-hundred-year-old curse on their families, but he’ll do it on his terms—as a black wolf.

Together, two Halflings can stand against any power, but only love can break the bonds of bitterness. Will Colin’s arrogant plan to outwit the King of the Fairies doom Keely for eternity? Or is their love enough to break the curse?

Gift of the Realm on sale at The Wild Rose Press and Amazon

Mega thanks to Authors Kallysten and Tricia Schneider, who organized this Very Paranormal holidays Blog Hop to share their love for paranormal romance, help you discover new authors, win books, prizes… and maybe a brand new Kindle Fire!

Don’t forget to visit the other fabulous hop participants below for many more chances to win some great prizes. Good luck everyone.

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That’s right. Who doesn’t like free? Nobody, that’s who.

So, I’m happy to announce that my lighthearted contemporary, THE BILLIONAIRE’S CON, is free for download today through Saturday on Kindle. So, don’t doddle. Click on the cover to go get your copy and if you wouldn’t mind, share the link with your friends and please consider leaving a review when you’re done.



Hey hey, romance junkies! I know, I know. It’s been a while, but hey, they don’t call me Vacation Mac for nothin’. 🙂

Anyway, I’m back and have I got a treat for you. The great and wonderful AJ Nuest has loaned me none other than Dibs from her recently released, yummy romance, SHE’S GOT DIBS, for this week’s What A Character chat.


I loved this story and Dibs, so I’m totally stoked to have him to myself for a bit. But don’t worry, I’ll share him with you. Oh, and as a bonus, his story is FREE today. The download link is below. Yowsa! Okay, enough yadda yadda yadda. Help me welcome Dibs!


Oh, geez. I’m having palpitations. 🙂 Welcome to my mania, Dibs. Before we start, we’d love to know about your story so give us a peek, twitter fashion.


He’s the perfect guy…if only she could get rid of him. Sizzling, witty & fun, She’s Got Dibs is one hot summer read! FREE on Amazn 6/25-29


MAC: LOL Oh, yeah. That’s perfect. You’re perfect. Shoot, that sounds like fawning. I’m fawning. *clears throat* Sorry, I’ll behave. So, what do you consider your biggest strength? Biggest weakness?


DIBS: Hi Mac, it’s great to meet you. Managing hedge funds is probably my biggest strength.  Money can be used to the benefit of many if managed correctly, and I find great satisfaction in improving the lives of those less fortunate than myself. Without fail, the rewards far outweigh the risk. My biggest weakness? Hmmm…I guess it’s that I have a very difficult time trusting people. When a person is born into privilege, folks often gravitate toward you simply because of the lifestyle, instead of a genuine interest in you, as a person. This is also one of the reasons I’m so drawn to Tessa. She couldn’t care less about my financial status, and her dismissal of its influence is a refreshing change for me.


MAC: I’ll bet trust can be difficult in your position, and Tessa has such a charming way of blowing off what others chase after, doesn’t she? Now, the romance genre is often heavy with heartbreaking conflict but what makes you laugh?


DIBS: Sarcasm…which Tessa has in spades. She never hesitates to whip out a great one-liner, regardless of whether or not she’s worried about insulting me. This is just another reason we work so well together. I’ll take honesty tempered in sarcasm over fake compliments any day.


MAC: *snort* I love Tessa’s attitude. What was the toughest aspect of your story for you and your author, AJ, to work through?


DIBS: The most difficult aspect was definitely the lies that were told. While it’s understandable why they happened, it was still frustrating for me to find that after everything we’d been through, Tessa and I still felt it necessary to hide things from each other. We’ve promised to never let it happen again.


MAC: That’s part of relearning trust, isn’t it? Please, give us a short excerpt from your favorite scene in the story. And tell us why it’s your favorite.


She shook her head. “So, in the grand scheme of things, I guess Tiffany’s right. When it comes to matters of love, my compass no longer points north. My little voice is broken. And now I don’t trust it. So I ignore it altogether. I make my emotional decisions based on how risky they are, on how much of myself I have to invest. Not by listening to my conscience.”


“That explains a lot,” Dibs said quietly.


“It explains why I’m so screwed up, you mean.”


He smiled, but no happiness shone his eyes. “It’s like me with my family.”


DIBS: Other than what happened during the awards ceremony, this is probably one of the best moments Tessa and I shared. It was a time when, even though we were both hurting, we discovered a deep connection. One I’d always believed was there, but knew Tessa had to experience for herself. Through sharing a part of our past hurts, we were able to strengthen our relationship.


MAC: This was a great scene, Dibs. Very honest. Thanks so much for chatting with me today. You’re a sweetie. Have you anything you’d like to ask our visitors?


DIBS: I’m always looking for new ways to romance Tessa, but she’s not really into me spending money for the sake of impressing her. I would like some suggestions about other ways I could…earn her attention? * lifts a devilish brow* So, tell me, what’s the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you?


MAC: Hmmm. I’m interested in those answers myself?


Author bio:


Award-winning, multi-published author and editor, AJ Nuest, lives in a small farming community in NW Indiana with her loving husband, two beautiful children and a bevy of spoiled pets. She and the cat are currently vying for dictatorship. The cat is winning.



Book blurb: 


True love does not exist…or so event planner Tessa Adams learns the day she gets jilted—twenty-four hours prior to walking down the aisle. One-night stands are much easier, and with sexy philanthropists like David Brenner, how can she resist? Now if she could just get rid of him. Had she known the biggest event of her career would be working for David’s father, she would have cut and run. Instead, she’s unwittingly become a part of his parents’ plan to destroy his life-long dreams. Will sacrificing her love protect him or be the ultimate betrayal?



Wealthy and gorgeous, David Brenner seemingly holds the world in the palm of his hand—his generous heart and infectious smile are just two in an endless stream of attractive qualities. But the one thing he wants, he can’t have—a repeat of the passionate night he spent in the arms of a skittish Tessa Adams. His family’s far-reaching power threatens to crush their dreams. To prove his love, he would risk everything…but will the return of her ex-fiancé be their final undoing?



She’s Got Dibs, won 1st Place in the Contemporary Category, Heartland Romance Authors, Show Me the Spark! Contest, 2010


She’s Got Dibs is FREE on Amazon, June 25-29, 2013


Buy Link:








FaceBook Page:


Author FB Page:!/pages/Tattered-Pages/259835887466


Twitter:  @AJNuest


She’s Got Dibs Pinterest Page:





Hey hey, romance junkies,

Welcome to What A Character, a weekly chat with a new and diverse romance character.  This week’s victim comes to us courtesy of the fabulous and fun, Denise Moncrief. She’s loaned us Tess Copeland from her new release, Crisis of Identity. I have to say, I’m stoked to have Tess here today.  Why, you ask? Because Tess sounds like the kind of character I’d like to share a few drinks with. So, help me welcome Tess, and Denise of course. 

Hiya ladies! So, Tess. In twitter fashion, tell us about your story in 140 characters or less.

Tess: Necessity is the mother of a good con, right? But Shelby’s was the wrong identity to steal. Crisis of Identity #romantic #suspense

Mac: LOL I love a sharp tag line. What do you consider your biggest strength? Biggest weakness?

Tess: My biggest strength? I can handle just about anything. I am NO damsel in distress. I don’t need a hero. I am perfectly capable of handling myself, thank you very much.

My biggest weakness? That I think I can handle just about anything. That I don’t recognize when I’m a damsel in distress until it’s too late. That I won’t admit that I wouldn’t mind some hunky guy stepping up and being my hero. And that sometimes I handle things all wrong, thank you very much.

Mac: I like how you roll, Tess. Don’t we all have those weaknesses? I know I do. So, the romance genre is often heavy with heartbreaking conflict, but what makes you laugh?

Tess: When Trevor tells me stories about his wild and crazy adventures as a private detective/bounty hunter, it makes me laugh my butt off. He tells this story about this guy he trailed all the way to Alaska, and the way he caught him… The guy tripped and sat down in some water and his butt froze to the seat so fast he couldn’t get up before Trevor slapped the cuffs on him. The way Trevor tells the story, I crack up every time he says the word Alaska.

Mac: See, that’s exactly the reason you’ll never find me in Alaska. I can’t abide a frozen butt. 🙂 What was the toughest aspect of your story for you and Denise to work through?

Tess: Oh yeah. That was when I went to see my drugged out sister and found out she had a baby. I didn’t know she had a baby. Apparently, that surprised Denise, too, because she wasn’t sure how to write that scene for days. I wanted to turn around and walk away (but you know, I was kinda stuck in mid-scene with a knife in my hand). How was the rug rat my problem? But I couldn’t leave the kid behind and Denise wouldn’t have let me anyway. Kidnapping my own niece was the best thing that happened to me because it made me want to fix all the things in my life that I had broken so I could be free to take care of my sister’s kid.

Mac: Yeah, I can see where being stuck mid scene with a knife in your hand would be a problem. I’m glad Denise made you stick it out. Now, give us a short excerpt from your favorite scene in the story? And tell us why it’s your favorite.

Tess: I love this scene because it shows the reader my creative skills in problem solving. After all, necessity is the mother of a good con. The authorities had asked everyone who intended to ride out Hurricane Irving to write their social security number on their arm in permanent marker. I survived the storm—without writing my number on my arm—and was “volunteered” by a local cop to help with the makeshift morgue. That’s when I spotted Shelby whose social security number was written on her arm… and she didn’t survive the storm.

Her Social Security number was so nearly like mine. I scanned the gym. Jake, the one man who might care if she became me or I became her, was absent. With a few strokes of the pen, I could die and live again.
My heart pounded with the possibility I might get a chance to start over without the baggage of my past dragging me down. I changed her identity with a few swipes of a permanent marker. The number went onto my log with an unshaken hand, and I was free to escape the woman I used to be…the woman I didn’t want to be any longer.

Mac: Holy shit! LOL Okay, you’ve snagged me good. Before we get to the visitors, do you have a question you’d like to ask them?

Tess: Have you ever wanted to be someone else, even for just a little while? And if you could be anyone else for even a little while, who would you be?

Mac: Great question, Tess. I’ll give my answer later. I’m interested to hear other people’s answers first. Where can we find Crisis of Identity, Tess. And Denise, where can we find you?
Buy Links

Amazon | Smashwords | 5princebooks | Itunes | BarnesandNoble | Createspace

Denise’s Social Media Links
Twitter @dmoncrief0131

Hey hey, romance junkies. Welcome to What a Character, a weekly chat with a new and diverse character. This week’s victim, er… interviewee comes to us courtesy of the fabulous Calisa Rhose. If you don’t know Calisa, you’re missing out. She’s an awesome writer, editor and friend and she’s loaned us Vivian Dane, her heroine from her brand new release, Risk Factors. 

Okay, enough yadda yadda from me. Let’s get to know our guest. Hiya Vivian.

Dr. Viv: Hi. I’m Vivian Dane, or Dr. Viv. It’s nice to meet you, Ms. Crowne. Thank you for inviting me to visit your beautiful blog! *looks around in awe*

Mac: Dr. Viv it is. I’m thrilled to have any friend of Calisa’s sharing my mania and I know you hold a special place in her heart. So, in Twitter fashion, tell us about your story in 140 characters or less.

Dr. Viv: I’m horrible at this technology stuff, as you’ll learn when you read Risk Factors, but I’ll give it a shot. “With a child and a skunk pulling for them, Connor and Viv have little hope of resisting fate and falling in love.”

Mac: LOL Oh, Viv, you may be horrible at technology stuff, but you know how to grab a chick’s attention. A skunk, huh? *snicker* Next question. What do you consider your biggest strength?

Dr. Viv: I’d say it’s my uncanny ability to bounce back and smile through adversity. I’ve been through the wringer in my life and if I let every little thing get to me it would destroy me.

Mac: You go, girl. That is a strength more people need. Biggest weakness?

Dr. Viv: The fear of disappointing my dad, my parents, can be crippling. It’s not easy to go against their wishes. I mean, how does a girl tell her Daddy “no?” She doesn’t…does she?

Mac: Yeah, that’s a tough one. Now, the romance genre is often heavy with heartbreaking conflict, but what makes you laugh?

Dr. Viv: Janna. That child is precious. And seeing Connor sweat– oh yeah. Fun times!

Mac: Hmmm. Kids and sweaty guys. I like how you roll, Viv. 🙂 So, tell us. What was the toughest aspect of your story for you and your author, Calisa, to work through?

Dr. Viv: Making Connor realize it’s ok to love. That poor man had been hurt from almost every woman in his life and he wasn’t about to let me be the next. His refusal to let go of his hurt nearly destroyed us both.

Mac: *Sigh* Healing a man’s heart make for the sweetest stories. Okay, can you share a short excerpt from your favorite scene in the story? And tell us why it’s your favorite.

Dr. Viv: I have a few favorite scenes so I’ll just pick one. In this scene I had just left dinner with my parents and had no way home so I called Connor. The intensity of his reaction to my situation was breathtaking.

Without a clue why she’d called him, or why she was in Culpepper alone, and apparently, on foot, it didn’t matter. No matter what it was, he wanted to be there for her. Her last words had repeated over and over in his head as he’d dressed and driven too fast to reach her: “I need you.”
Once the waitress set his coffee down and left, he pushed the cup to one side and leaned close, resting his hands on either side of hers on the worn tabletop. Not touching, but close enough that it wouldn’t take much. He waited and slowly she raised a dull gaze.
Pain reflected in the blue irises and his gut knotted against it. He didn’t know how to help someone else the way Viv did. In his job, sure. He could hide safely behind the knowledge that the people he helped would never see him again; they rarely remembered anything other than their own suffering, if his facade happened to slip briefly. It was easier, and more comfortable, to prohibit any feelings to get through the impenetrable shell he and his kind wore like a second skin.
This was different.

Mac: Oh yeah, Connor is a man with heart. I love it. Now it’s your turn. Do you have a question for our visitors.

For a chance to win a copy of my story at the end of this tour (and a chance for Mac too): Since our story is about a veterinarian and a hunky EMT-P, I’m curious what your favorite first responder is? Fireman, police, paramedic? Maybe one I didn’t name?

At the end of this tour I’ll be picking one winner to gift either a signature rose rock for a USA winner or a $10 GC of choice (Kindle or Nook) for one overseas or in Canada. Either winner will also get a PDF copy of Risk Factors!
The more you stalk me and comment, the greater your chance to win on April 8th. I’ll announce the winner on the 10th. Thank you for joining me on this fun journey’s end and good luck to all!

As a special bonus, I’ll be pooling all my blog hosts and the one with the most comments on their blog for my post will also win one of the same prizes as the winners! They need your help to win! Please note, this also includes my two hosts before today, so I’d appreciate if you check my official blog tour schedule and give them a chance to win by going to their blogs too.

Mac: Great question, Dr. Viv, and an awesome chance to win, Calisa. You’re the best!

RISK FACTORS – Love, like life, is not without risk.
CONTENT WARNING: Happy-ever-after mixed with four-legged friends.
A Lyrical Press Contemporary Romance

Veterinarian Vivian Dane has purchased her uncle’s practice in the tiny town of Wales, Missouri, where most residents still doubt her ability to treat their pets. But Viv is used to being considered less-worthy than her predecessors. After all, her parents are world-renowned wildlife vets, and most everyone is unimpressed she’s chosen to not follow directly in their footsteps. Now Connor, a patient’s owner, and is hot for Viv, but clearly doesn’t think she’s dating material because he has a daughter…who he believes no woman is good enough for.

Being a perfect dad is EMT paramedic Connor’s life focus. He can’t seem to stay away from sexy Doctor Viv, but attraction is as far as he’ll ever let it go. His mother abandoned him, leaving him to be raised in the foster system, and then his wife abandoned both him and their daughter. He absolutely will not risk bringing another woman into his little girl’s life and having her feel the hurt of being left…again.

Forfeiting is easier than attempting and failing. So why does Viv feel compelled to prove she’s a sure bet for Connor and his daughter? Can Connor trust Viv–and himself–enough to play the possibilities?

Risk Factors is available @
LPI- Lyrical Press and Barnes & Noble

Author Bio:
Calisa Rhose is an Okie, born and bred, through and through, and proud of it. While growing up, when she wasn’t on the back of a horse, she could be found with pen and paper in hand. Her writing career began with poetry in her younger days. Then she discovered Rock-n-Roll and cute musicians. Poetry turned into stories of romance and dreams. These days she lives with the same man who convinced her to take a romantic journey with him almost 30 years ago. After raising three strong daughters she spends her days loving their granddaughters, hoping for a boy someday, and writing. When she’s not writing, you can find Calisa putting on her editor hat and working to help other published and aspiring writers.
She is working on more projects with her favored contemporary cowboys, first responders  and firemen.

Find Calisa at her website/blog
Twitter@CalisaRhose, Facebook/Calisa Rhose, Goodreads and Amazon

Hiya romance junkies! Welcome to Sneak Peek Sunday. Don’t forget to check out the other author’s peeks. You won’t be disappointed. Just click on that snazzy banner up there – After you check out mine, of course.

I’ve got a literal sneak peek for you this week. I recently contracted A Song for Sophie, a fun little cowboy romance. It will be release later this year in The Honky Tonk Hearts series from The Wild Rose Press. I’m still happy dancing to be joining the list of talented artists who have contributed to this awesome series.

Blurb: She’s the daughter of academia, he’s the crown prince of country music. Will a friendship built over words and music grow in perfect harmony, or will their chance at true love fall flat in heartbreak?

Setup: Sophie has been laid off from her teaching job and is thrilled to accept a six week job as Beau Walker’s assistant for his upcoming, country music tour. My sneak peek comes from their first, auspicious meeting.


“Mr. Walker?”

Up came his arms, muscles popping. A soft clang sounded when the weights met above his chest then swept outward once again as he lowered his arms. His eyes remained shut.   

“Mr. Walker,” she repeated with a little more volume.


She eyed the thin wire leading to tiny headphones plugged into his ears. “Ah.” Bending at the waist, she leaned over him. “Mr. Walker!”

Dark eyes flashed open and his upper body exploded upward. “What the fu-!”

Sophie jerked upright, barely avoiding the collision of his forehead to her chin. She took a startled step backward, then squeaked as her feet tangled with something. Arms flailing, she toppled over. Her back met the floor with a breath-stealing thud. Legs draped over a low rack of weights, she gulped in air.

Thanks for stopping by. I love making new friends and comments are always appreciated. So, come on. Tell me what you think. I can take it. 😉

Happy Tuesday, romance lovers.

Welcome to the latest edition of What A Character, a weekly conversation with some diverse and interesting characters.

Many thanks to Sarah Grimm for loaning us Noah Clark, rock god hero from her amazing, emotion packed, award winning contemporary romance, After Midnight. For those of you who haven’t read Noah and Isabeau’s story, you’re in for a musical treat and you’re also in luck. After Midnight is available for the special price of .99 this week. When you’ve read it, you’ll understand what a smoking deal that is. Can you tell I loved this story? 😉

Okay, let’s get to Noah, because, dayam!!! 

Welcome, Noah. I’m stoked you could stop by. In Twitter fashion, tell us about your story in 140 characters or less.

Noah: Can music heal the fractured soul? Or will it tear them apart forever.

Mac: Heal! I vote for heal! What do you consider your biggest strength? Biggest weakness?

Noah: I’ve always considered my biggest strength to be my one track mind. I want something; I go out and get it, whatever it takes. It’s worked to my advantage so far – helped me get our first record deal, then climb to the top of the charts.

My biggest weakness is probably the same thing. You see, sometimes I get so focused on something that I don’t see the whole picture. That can be a truly bad thing, as I discovered with Isabeau.

Mac: Uh, yep. With Izzy, you really needed to tap in to your ability to finesse, but you pulled it off in the end, sweetie. So, the romance genre is often heavy with heartbreaking conflict, but what makes you laugh?

Noah: My best friend and band mate, Dominic Price. He’s bloody hilarious.

Mac: Mmm. Just thinking about Dom makes me smile, and sigh (but that’s another story). What was the toughest aspect of your story for you and your author, Sarah to work through?

Noah: Getting Isabeau to let me in. No, not sexually – though that came harder than usual for me, too. Isa is full of secrets and getting her to trust me enough to open up to me was Herculean. Then when she did…I could have gone my whole life without knowing the truth about her pre-teen years.

Mac: I can imagine, but Sarah and you handled a very heavy situation perfectly. Okay, please give us a short excerpt from your favorite scene in the story? And tell us why it’s your favorite.

“Kiss me.”

She didn’t have to ask twice. He dipped his head, settled his lips on hers and plundered. He dragged her against him, and drank in the hot, potent taste of her as he fed on her mouth like a starving man.

She softened, a tiny sound of passion slipping up her throat—an urgent invitation. His pulse leaped. So did other parts of his anatomy. Her fingers burrowed through his hair.

He deepened the kiss, stroking his hands down the sides of her body to settle on her hips. He used them to guide her as he stepped forward once, twice, until her back settled against the trunk of the maple. Awash in the smell of her, the feel of her, he pressed closer, until no space existed between them.

Noah: Do I really need to tell you why that is my favorite scene? *wicked grin*

Mac: LOL No, I don’t believe I do. 😉 Thanks so much, Noah. You’re a doll to answer my questions. What about you. Have anything you’d like to ask of our visitors?

Noah: Isa and I have an ongoing disagreement about what the most important part of a song is. I say it’s the lyrics, she says the music. What say you?

Mac: I say, great question.

D0n’t forget to pick up your copy of Noah and Izzy’s story. You’ll be glad you did. Below is the blurb, as well as info on where you can find out more about the fabulous Sarah Grimm and her other works.

Thirteen years—that’s how long Isabeau Montgomery has been living a lie. After an automobile accident took her mother’s life, Izzy hid herself away, surviving the only way she knew how. Now she is happy in her carefully reconstructed life. That is until he walks through the door of her bar…

Black Phoenix singer/front man Noah Clark came to Long Island City with a goal–one that doesn’t include an instant, electric attraction to the dark-haired beauty behind the bar. Coaxing her into his bed won’t be easy, but he can’t get her pale, haunted eyes nor her skill on the piano out of his head.

Can Noah help Isabeau overcome the past? Or will her need to protect her secret force her back into hiding and destroy their chance at happiness?

Get your copy of After Midnight @ Amazon or Barnes & Noble

Find Sarah here:

Group Blog: