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 Hey Hey, romance junkies!


It’s time for another edition of What A Character Chat. Diane Burton, fellow Wild Rose Press author and all around sweetie, brings us today’s victim, er… character. She’s loaned us Daria from her latest release, ONE RED SHOE. Hiya, Diane.


Diane: Thanks, Mac, for having my character Daria here today. Oops, she just hip-bumped me out of the way.


Mac: LOL Hello there Daria. Welcome. In Twitter fashion, tell us about your story in 140 characters or less.


Daria: My To-Do List: go on an adventure, rescue a wounded spy, escape assassins. HEA? Gotta convince Sam.


Mac: That’s quite a list, but I saw that hip check. I’m thinking you’ll do what’s necessary to bring Sam over to your way of thinking. What do you consider your biggest strength? Biggest weakness?


Daria: Compassion. Let an injured animal near me and I’ll nurse it back to health—dogs, cats, birds…spies shot in the butt. My weakness? Being satisfied with the status quo. It’s too easy to stay comfortable. But I’m working on that. First step, going to a writers’ conference in New York City with my BFF. Too bad she got called home for a family emergency. Even though I was scared, I stuck it out. The heroine in my mystery novel (the one I’m trying to get published) wouldn’t run home with her tail between her legs. I want to be more like her, which is why I helped Sam.


Mac: Excellent motivation! The romance genre is often heavy with heartbreaking conflict but what makes you laugh?


Daria: The klutzy assassin who chased Sam and me. I was scared to death at each encounter, but in hindsight, it was kind of funny when I body checked him off a pier into a lake. He didn’t think it was very funny. In fact, he promised revenge, though I didn’t know it because he spoke Russian.


Mac: Don’t you hate when that happens? What was the toughest aspect of your story for you and Diana to work through?


Daria: When Sam left because he thought he was washed up and had nothing to give to our relationship. Talk about heartbreaking. I wanted to slap him up the side of his head. Instead, I told him I was the best thing that ever happened to him and he’d regret walking away.


Mac: *Snort* Men! Sometimes they need a smack up side the head. Okay, give us a short excerpt from your favorite scene in the story, and tell us why it’s your favorite.


Daria: This is my favorite scene because it’s when I first met Sam and my life changed forever.


For the second time in her life, Daria Mason came face-to-face with a man pointing a weapon at her. A pervert, with unzipped jeans, wielded a green box knife. Because she’d raced into the restroom without checking out the situation, he now stood between her and the exit.

She was at the end of the proverbial rope. After walking in circles, she finally found a restroom and nobody was stopping her from using it. Especially not someone playing copycat with that guy in the movie who wore one red shoe.

“I am having a really bad day,” she declared in the don’t cross me voice she used on her brothers. As soon as her words echoed off the hideous pink and black tiled walls and floor, she lowered her voice. “You are in the wrong place, mister. Now zip up and get out.”


Mac: Nice. Sounds to me like the pervert is about to have a bad day. Now, how about a question for our visitors?


Daria: What’s your favorite scene (book or movie) when the hero and heroine meet for the first time?


Mac: Great question. Hmmm. So many right answers but I’ll pick a movie. While You Were Sleeping is one of my all-time favorites, and I LOVE the scene where they meet. After having arrived late the night before, Jack is sitting on the steps when Lucy (his brother’s supposed fiancé) is she’s sneaking out of her supposed future in-laws house after spending a belated Christmas with the strangers who think she’s engaged to their other son whose life she saved…oh, and is in a coma. The other son I mean. Not Jack. LOL Oh, just go watch it. If you’re a fun romance fan, you’ll love it!


Thanks for being here Daria. Please share a little bit more of ONE RED SHOE, and let us know where we can find it and Diane’s other works.


Blurb for ONE RED SHOE:


Wannabe writer rescues wounded spy while risking her heart.


Daria Mason’s life is too predictable. Nothing ever happens in her small Iowa town where everybody knows everybody else. But when she travels to New York City looking for a little excitement, she never expects to bring home a wounded spy.


From the moment agent Sam Jozwiak steals intel vital to US security from a Russian Mafia kingpin, Murphy’s Law takes over. No matter how he covers his tracks, the kingpin’s assassins find him. What’s worse than getting shot in the butt? Accepting help from an Iowa tourist.


Sam and Daria flee cross country with the assassins right behind them. Sharing danger and excitement—and a few kisses—with Sam soon has Daria convinced he’s the man for her. He thinks she’ll be better off once he’s out of her life for good. With their lives on the line, can she convince him they belong together?


One Red Shoe is available at:

The Wild Rose Press:


And wherever books are sold.


About the author:


Diane Burton combines her love of mystery, adventure, science fiction and romance into writing romantic fiction. Besides the science fiction romance Switched series, she is the author of The Pilot, the first book in a series about strong women on the frontier of space. One Red Shoe is her first romantic suspense. She is also a contributor to the anthology How I Met My Husband. Diane and her husband live in Michigan. They have two children and two grandchildren.

For more info and excerpts from her books, visit Diane’s website:


Connect with Diane Burton online





Goodreads: Diane Burton Author




Hey hey, romance junkies. Welcome to this week’s What A Character Chat. Friend and talented author, Darcy Lundeen has offered up this week’s victim, so help me welcome Betsy from Darcys’ new release… SIZZLE.

Hiya Betsy and welcome. In Twitter fashion, tell us about your story in 140 characters or less.

BETSY: Hi, Mac. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Thanks for inviting me. You have a really nice place here. Very cozy. Ooh, is that a kitty over there, and does he have trouble seeing? Aw, what a sweetie. I love cats. We had one years ago who yowled whenever I sang. I know I can’t carry a tune to save myself, but still–

MAC: Uh, Betsy, I love my blind kitty too, but we really want to hear about SIZZLE.

BETSY: Whoops, sorry. I was distracted for a minute by the kitty, but I’ll refocus. Let’s see, you want me to describe my story in 140 characters or less, like in a tweet, right? Jeez, that’s worse than writing a two-page synopsis. I know, because my author bangs her head against the computer screen a lot when she has to do one of those.

Okay, so you want me to tell my story in a tweetable nutshell. Fine, I will now set aside my usual hate-hate relationship with Twitter and give it a try. Here goes: Young woman who lacks sexual sizzle needs help developing it. Young man who sizzles like crazy happily offers lessons…and more.

MAC: Hot damn. For someone with a hate-hate thing going on with twitter, you rock at it.

BETSY: Oh my gosh, I think I did it! Only 128 characters. Wow, a veritable miracle. Uh, no, wait, I just read it over and maybe that’s not the best way to phrase it. I mean I made it sound like my story is all about sex. You know, porn or erotic stuff. And it’s not. Well, it is about sex. Just not all about sex. There are other things involved too, and a lot of other people.

For instance, there’s Evie, the little four-year-old who likes using the hallway walls in the apartment building where I live as a canvas for her drawings. And there’s Lorena Lattimer, the head of the tenants’ association and my next-door-neighbor-from-hell, who wants to have Evie, her widowed mother, and her three brothers evicted and who apparently gets some kind of kick in listening at her bedroom wall to my lessons. Tyler, the jerk who told me I lacked sizzle, is in it too. So is Rob, my wonderful gay friend. And, best of all, there’s Rob’s new roommate, Matt, who I originally thought was also gay or maybe bisexual. Can’t leave him out, because without him and his gracious offer to tutor me on the art of sizzling, I wouldn’t have any story to tweet about. But take it from me, the man deserves a parade along Fifth Avenue for all the help he gave me.

MAC: Ha! Sounds like my kind of romance. What do you consider your biggest strength? Biggest weakness?

Betsy: I hope you don’t mind if I answer the strength/weakness question in reverse, because I think it’s my weakness that helped me develop my strength. You see, I’ve always been a little tentative about things. I pretty much suffer big-time from the evil wimp factor. You know the drill—not having enough self-confidence, spending my life keeping a low profile, being too grateful for whatever crumbs of affection I get from guys, and trying so hard to please everyone that I ended up never really pleasing myself.

I was so afraid of confrontation that I didn’t even have the courage to tell Lorena, the neighbor-from-hell, to keep her ear away from my bedroom wall. I didn’t tell off Tyler either, not even when he dumped me on a busy street corner while I tried my best not to breathe in auto exhaust from the rush-hour traffic that was swirling around us. So I admit it, I really cornered the market on insecurity. But in a strange way I think that wimpy weakness of mine was also the mirror image of my strength. Since I often felt like such an underdog, I could identify with other people in the same position.

That’s why I knew I had to find a way out of my comfort zone, so I could help Evie and her Family keep their home, even though confronting someone as assertive as Lorena Lattimer was a scary prospect. I also had to throw off my self-doubt and show Tyler I could sizzle with the best of them…just before I told him in no uncertain terms what a creep I thought he was.  And I definitely had to resolve my feelings for Matt, which had become more complicated than I ever imagined possible.

MAC: Yeah, I can see where a man who sizzles can throw a girl for a bit of a loop. 🙂 The romance genre is often heavy with heartbreaking conflict but what makes you laugh?

BETSY: What makes me laugh? Oh, lots of things. The time Matt insisted on having a lesson where he checked to see how many ticklish areas I had. And those crazy neon condoms of his. Those are a total hoot. They come in all colors too—red, yellow, green— Um, maybe I better just leave the subject there. But I really loved the silly run we took through the rain when neither of us had an umbrella. Matt tented his coat over both of us, and we just went splashing through the downpour. That was wonderful fun.  

MAC: What was the toughest aspect of your story for you and Darcy to work through?

BETSY: Whew, I have to admit that involved forcing me to harness my inner strength. You know—the thing I mentioned before about identifying with the underdog and wanting to help. But my lack of confidence was so powerful that it took a long time. I mean at first I didn’t even have enough confidence in how attractive my body was to want a man to see me without clothes, until that lesson with Matt and the shower and— Uh, well, never mind, because it wasn’t really about the sex. It was much more about the trust between two people. Luckily, I finally managed to get to the point where I tossed away a lot of that useless mental and emotional baggage, but it really was a major job.   

MAC: Give us a short excerpt from your favorite scene in the story. And tell us why it’s your favorite.

BETSY: In this scene, Matt has come over with Chinese takeout on a mission of mercy to help me when I have a self-confidence meltdown because of something that happened at my job. We start sharing our individual dating disasters as we sit together on the sofa, and I can’t really believe he’s had as many problems as I have or been rejected as often. But after a while, we have the following exchange, beginning with my question:

“Matt, are we going to have another lesson tonight?”

He moved closer. “We’re having it.”

“We are?”

“Sure, baring our souls and cuddling.”

“Cuddling is a lesson?” Betsy asked. For some reason, it seemed like a whimsical idea to her, but one she could easily get into. What woman couldn’t?

So you see, it isn’t really all about the sex. Of course, at that point I still thought he might be gay or bisexual. What happened when I found out he was “straight as a ruler” is another part of the story—the part that finally makes me realize he wasn’t deliberately deceiving me. I just made a stupidly wrong assumption about him, but I wasn’t wrong about the meaning of our relationship or about my feelings for him.

MAC: So, do you have a question for visitors?

BETSY: I’ve always wondered how readers choose their books. Is it by viewing the covers, reading the blurbs, scanning the first few pages, listening to their friends’ suggestions, studying the reviews, or maybe juggling some combination of those five factors? Or do they just automatically gravitate to a favorite genre and/or author? I know authors really like to know this, but those of us who have our stories told appreciate it too. So thanks in advance for any input anyone wants to share.

You know, that really is the sweetest kitty over there. Reminds me of another of our cats. One day she trapped something that had gotten into the apartment and was hiding behind the refrigerator. Turns out she’d cornered the neighbor’s dog. What a kickass kitty she was and—

MAC: Ah, Betsy…

BETSY: Oh, sorry, I guess the interview’s over, right? Well, it’s been really nice talking to you. I was sort of nervous about coming. I mean, this is my first interview, so I had no idea what to expect. But you made it a lot of fun. So thanks, Mac, and a happy holiday to you, your family, and everybody who visited to listen to my story, which in spite of the way it might seem, really isn’t only about the sex. Really!

MAC: lol How about a blurb, and where can we find your story?


Betsy Kincaid has no sexual sizzle. At least that’s what her boyfriend claimed before he dumped her. Determined to prove him wrong, Betsy puts learning to sizzle at the top of her to-do list. And who better to provide the lessons she needs than the safe and oh-so-willing gay guy who just moved in with her gay buddy?

Matt Pollard has had his share of disastrous relationships, so when the chance comes to help a foxy lady develop her sexual mojo while also enjoying some no-strings-attached bedroom action, he’s happy to oblige.

Unfortunately, they get more than they bargained for when romantic emotions threaten to complicate their simple arrangement. Then Betsy discovers Matt isn’t gay. Her sense of betrayal at being misled is matched by his resentment at being blamed for an innocent mistake. But their anger could cost them the thing they both want most: a chance at true love.

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Pull up a chair, romance junkies, because you’re going to need one. 🙂 Read on and you’ll see why, but one of my favorite authors, people really, has loaned us her newest hero for this week’s character chat. (If you haven’t read her other work, she writes rockin’ hot heroes). So, please welcome Dan “Wolf” Wolford, the hero of Santa Wore Leathers by the irrepressible Vonnie Davis!

Hiya, Wolf! Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak to a group of romance readers. Becca told me you balked when I first asked you to do the interview.

WOLF: (squirms in seat) Yes, I did. Your request sounded too much like a reporter wanting to interview me, and I have a real problem with reporters.

MAC: Isn’t Becca a reporter?

WOLF: Yes, she is and a damn good one too. But in the beginning of our relationship, I wasn’t very trusting of her. You see, my family lost our parents in a terrible fire set by an arson. Reporters hounded my younger sisters to the point Cassie, my baby sister, fell apart. I resigned my commission with the SEALS to come home and finish raising them. It took me a long time to get Cassie straightened out. She’s doing great now, but she really had me worried for a while. I don’t think she’d have sunk to such depths if the reporters hadn’t followed her everywhere, invaded every part of her life when she was numb with shock after losing Mom and Dad. So, reporters are not my favorite people.

MAC: I understand. Your dislike of Becca’s profession must have created some tension between you two.

WOLF: Tension? Oh, you have no idea the tension that woman caused me. Every day she’d go jogging with her dog. I’m telling you, the woman’s got these long, shapely legs that go clean to her waist. I’ve got drool marks on my front window from watching her jog past. And the first time I kissed her? Hell, I damn near forgot my name. Then there was the time she rode up on her crotch rocket in a pair of leather pants. I was hanging Christmas lights and nearly fell off the ladder when she leaned over and…

MAC: Uh, Wolf. I asked about her job.

WOLF: (Flashes a one-dimpled smile) Oh yeah. You meant a different kind of tension, didn’t you? Her job was something I had to work through and I thought I had at one point. Then something happened and my old attitude reared its ugly head.

MAC: Well, geez. Don’t stop there. What happened?

WOLF: I acted the ass and lost Becca for a while. Had to do a bit of groveling.

MAC: *humms low in her throat* I do love to see a good looking man grovel.

WOLF: *Slides to the edge of his seat, his muscled forearms between spread thighs* Hell, Mac, I even wrote a damn poem.

MAC: *coughs on a laugh* You didn’t!

WOLF: I did, and it worked too. *winks* I got the girl in the end. The girl and her thong-stealing dog.

MAC: *grins slyly* Becca faxed me a picture of you.

WOLF: Really? Let me guess. Me and Einstein, her German Shepherd?

MAC: *shakes head*

WOLF: Bet it’s the one of me in my SCUBA gear. She likes that one.

MAC: *leans head to the side* No. *ahem* I’d say you’re more out of your gear here. *extends photo to Wolf*

WOLF: Holy hell…I will paddle her sweet behind when I get home. She’s got a sick sense of humor, you know that?

MAC: Oh, Sweetie. You call that a sick sense of humor. The romance junkies and I call it pure eye candy… er, good taste.*winks*


There’s only one thing on Becca Sinclair’s Christmas list this holiday season – her very own column in the local paper. And if she can build a huge blog following, her wish just might come true.

Enter Dan “Wolf” Wolford aka the man-whore next door and the new star of Becca’s popular, post-divorce blog about men. A Navy SEAL turned commander of the Florida Marine Rescue Unit, Wolf’s the very definition of the word alpha – and with an endless rotation of women on his doorstep, this hunk on a Harley has Becca and her female followers all hot and bothered!

All Becca wants for Christmas is her newspaper column, right? But when she finds herself the target of Wolf’s irresistible attentions, her snarky comebacks become less and less convincing and, suddenly, she’s not so sure anymore…



Wolf strode to her townhouse, rang the doorbell and waited.

Finally, her door opened, and he was greeted with a scowl.

“What?” She tugged the lapels of her short white silky robe together.

“I…ah…” His gaze snagged on all those ample curves showcased by the slinky material. I…ah…”

“You said that already.” She fisted a hand on her hip.

Einstein cannonballed around Becca with something red clamped in his jaws. He streaked across the grass, his strong muscles propelling him as he circled both of their yards.

“Get back in here!” Becca pointed into her house.

Einstein loped across the grass and shrubbery, ignoring his owner’s command.

Maybe if he acted the hero and returned the pet to its owner, he’d gain a few brownie points. “Stay here. I’ll get him.” Wolf took off after the dog. Seeing he was being chased only made Einstein run faster. Wolf followed him twice around the yard in front of Becca’s house. The dog leapt over a flowerbed and stopped, his head lowered, shaking his prize, his hind end elevated, wiggling in excitement.

“Give me that.” Wolf stepped to the right around the flowerbed. The dog trotted to the left. In a quick move, he sprinted to the left and the dog dashed to the right. “Think you’re smart, don’t you?” He could have sworn the dog smiled. Wolf leapt across the blooms, hoping to grab the smartass canine. Once he’d grabbed the collar, they rolled, and Einstein yelped. Wolf grimaced as he, too, rolled across a low-growing cactus and into the trunk of a palm tree. “Dammit.”

The dog whined and dropped the fabric to lick and bite at the prickly thorns in his groin.

“Easy now, Einstein.” Wolf cooed as he slipped his Swiss army knife from the front pocket of his jeans.

“What’s wrong? What’s going on? What are you doing with that knife?” Becca tugged on the hem of her short robe and glanced up and down the street as if she thought to run out into the yard.

“Stay where you are. He’ll be fine. He’s got some thorns in his hide.” Wolf removed the tweezers stored in a slot of the knife and began extracting the offending needles. “We can’t have an awesome fella like you in pain now, can we?” He worked as quickly as he could. “One more, big guy, and then you’ll be fine.” The dog licked him several times. “Yeah, I like you too. Let’s keep what I’m about to do just between us, shall we?” He ran his fingers over the affected groin area, keeping his attentions on the dog’s reactions. “Looks like we got them all.”

“What in blue blazes are you doing to that dog? Are you performing some kind of ‘beasty-wildy’ on him?” Mrs. Minelli, his neighbor, punctured the air with her cane, her white eyebrows arched in question.

He fought the urge to laugh. “No, Mrs. Minelli. I was taking out thorns.”

She cocked her head to the side, her cataract-clouded eyes widened. “In his penis?”





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Hey hey, romance junkies!

This week’s character for my What A Character Chat comes courtesy of a very special author, the awesome and very talented, Lisa Olech. Lisa, you see, is a friend of mine from childhood, so you can imagine how excited I was to learn she’d signed a contract with The Wild Rose Press for her debut title. Whoot, whoot! And when I learned the title and got a look at her holy crap cover, well, I’m not going to repeat what I said. This blog is PG, but look at that cover and you can guess. Yowza!

I’m sure you’re going to love Lisa and her writing as much as I do, especially after you get a taste of her imagination today. Please help me welcome, Jagger, her debut hero!

Hellooooo, Jagger!

Jagger: G’Day, Mac! Jagger Jones here from Lisa A. Olech’s bloody brilliant novel, PICTURE ME NAKED. How are you this fine day?

Mac: Ugh! And an accent too. That’s it, I’m toast. Ahem! I’m doing quite well, thank you. Before we start, how about telling us about your lovely story in 140 characters or less.

Jagger: I do love to run my mouth so this might be tough. Let’s see…140 letters…  I’m a life model and meet a lovely shelia named Zee. She’s a cocker of an artist who can’t see how bloody sexy she is. I change her mind.

Mac: Oh, my. I need a translator for some of that…but who cares?! *wink* What do you consider your biggest strength?

Jagger: I’d have to say my biggest strength is I’m pretty easy going. Gotta be to drop your britches in front of a bunch of strangers, right?

*Mac digs around under her desk for her fan*

Jagger: Guess I don’t sweat the small stuff. The way I figure it, life’s too damn short to twist your knickers over every little thing.

Mac: Jagger, sweetie, I believe you and I are kindred spirits. Although, I can’t recall ever uttering the word nickers in my life. Okay, biggest weakness?

Jagger: Well, before I met Zee, my biggest weakness was not sticking to one place long enough for the dust to settle on me. Now?  Hell, now my biggest weakness seems to be a certain curly haired lovey with a killer behind.

Mac: Lucky Zee. *grin* The romance genre is often heavy with heartbreaking conflict, but what makes you laugh?

Jagger: Oh, that’s an easy one. I love a right blue ripper! (Translation: a good dirty joke!)

Mac: I love a right blue ripper! LOL So, what was the toughest aspect of PICTURE ME NAKED for you and Lisa to work through?

Jagger: The toughest part was watching what Zee’s bludger of an ex did to her. He broke her spirit, ya know. He’d shoot his mouth off and say right nasty things. Made her feel stupid and ugly. But she stuck up for herself and fought back. She learned to believe in herself and her talent again. Came to see what I’d seen the whole time. Zee’s an incredible artist and she didn’t need to hide herself away. Beautiful and sexy comes in all shapes and sizes no matter what the bastards of this world say. Every shelia’s got something that makes her the loveliest creature on the planet. Watching Zee come to believe that was bloody fantastic.

Mac: Did I say Zee was lucky? Make that bloody lucky! Now, give us a short excerpt from your favorite scene in the book and tell us why it’s your favorite.  

Zee stopped breathing as his lips swept over hers. A single, featherlight caress. A small, tender kiss. His lips sipped upon hers. She sighed against the whispering touch. Their breath waltzed as he slanted his head and moved the softness of his lips to hers once more. The very tip of his tongue traced the edge of her lip before he teased her mouth again. She whimpered.

Jagger: ‘Course this is my favorite scene. I finally got to kiss Zee! Can you believe she made me put my pants back on first? Crazy shelia!

Mac: lmao. Poor Jagger. How about asking a question of our visitors?

Jagger: Okay, here’s a good one…Zee tells me she doesn’t understand how I can do what I do. Says she could never bring herself to pose nude for an artist. Could you?? And here’s another question. Have you all read PICTURE ME NAKED yet? If you haven’t, you should. It’s right awesome.

Mac: LOL It’s on my kindle just waiting for me to find the time to do you, I mean, the story, justice.

Jagger: Hey, thanks for the interview, Mac. Think I’ll go sun bake on Zee’s roof. It’s perfect out there.

Mac: I hope you’ll hang around for a few minutes. The visitors might have some questions of their own. In the meantime, let’s tell everyone where to find you and PICTURE ME NAKED, and Lisa too.

Buy link: Amazon

Lisa is an artist/writer living in her dream house nestled among the lakes in New England. She loves getting lost in a steamy book, finding the perfect pair of sexy shoes, and hearing the laughter of her men. Being an estrogen island in a sea of testosterone makes her queen. She believes in ghosts, silver linings, the power of a man in a tuxedo, and happy endings.

Lisa would love to hear from her readers. You can reach her at:
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Hey hey, romance junkies.

It’s time for another edition of What A Character Chat. Today’s victim comes to us courtesy of the lovely Barbara Barrett. She’s loaned Dina Maitland, the heroine of her new release, DRIVEN TO MATRIMONY from The Wild Rose Press, now available at Amazon.

Hiya Dina. In Twitter fashion, will you tell us about your story in 140 characters or less?

Dina: Already iffy career jeopardized to halt movie star mother’s engagement to film student thirty years younger only to fall for his dad.

Mac: Oh boy. What a mess! What do you consider your biggest strength? Biggest weakness?

Dina: I’m pretty darn good at my job as a forensic accountant in Des Moines, Iowa. I use my understanding of numbers to track the money trail in divorces, corporate mergers and criminal proceedings, like a detective would investigate clues in a murder case. Nothing is more exciting than unearthing a hidden account or monetary transaction. Those discoveries don’t happen every day. In between, there are days of eyeballing pages and pages of numbers, dates, and codes to find anomalies. That kind of work takes patience, persistence, and an ability to work alone long hours. I thrive on all of it, which has contributed to my success. I much prefer all of this to my movie star mother’s crazy lifestyle.

My greatest weakness? Worrying about my mother. She’s a bit of a flake. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But she has this tendency to get into one predicament after another, partially because she’s been a little off-center since my dad divorced her and more recently because she’s trying to grab headlines to save her fading career as a leading lady. She and my dad divorced amicably, but it’s pretty much been up to me to watch over her since she’s been on her own. I probably spend too much time cleaning up her messes to the detriment of my own job. One time, I was so preoccupied with my mother’s problem, I neglected to follow up on an important detail for a client and nearly cost him thousands. What can I say? I’m her only child, thus her only hope for extricating her from her own unfortunate decisions. I know I’m not her parent or keeper and that I have to stop putting my life on hold whenever trouble looms in her life, but when she told me she’d gotten engaged to a twenty-year-old film student she barely knew, I couldn’t let this one pass. Someone had to stop her.   

Mac: Well, geez. Sounds like you have your hands full. The romance genre is often heavy with heartbreaking conflict but what makes you laugh?

Dina: Very little. I tend to take myself too seriously. Probably a reaction to my mother, who seems to float through life enjoying every moment, never questioning people’s ulterior motives. I’ve had to protect her. Then I met Ben, father of my mother’s fiancé. When my mother and her fiancé mysteriously disappeared from her summer home in South Carolina for a few days, they left Ben and me to fend for ourselves. I found myself relaxing and enjoying myself for the first time in months. We went deep sea fishing, but the poor guy forgot to take his seasick meds before going and wound up losing his breakfast overboard. Although I wasn’t too impressed at the time, because his little accident caused me to lose my first big catch, reflecting on it afterwards, it really was quite funny. Just like a couple days later, when the two of us posed in the fountain behind my mother’s home for a reporter who showed up unexpectedly. She wanted the shots to “sparkle,” so Ben started a water fight. Best time…ever, except the more intimate times with him that followed. What makes me laugh? When I let down my guard and just enjoy life.

Mac: Sounds like Ben might have something to do with teaching you how to do that. What was the toughest aspect of your story for you and Barbara to work through?

Dina: Getting me to realize my mother was a grown woman who could take care of herself, despite some of the crazy things that happened to her on occasion. Had I grown up in the midst of the Hollywood scene, her life might not have overwhelmed me, I would have assumed it was the norm. But my mother didn’t get into films until I was a young teen. By then, the world was supposed to revolve around me. Right? But it didn’t. I saw less and less of her as her popularity and fortune grew. Not all the people around her were her friends. They were sycophants. Guess I took my jealousy of her career, my need for attention, and my dislike of her lifestyle and molded those into my caretaker mode, especially after my dad divorced her. My author, working through Ben, forced me to realize I was using my seeming need to clean up my mother’s messes to avoid dealing with the messes in my own life.

Mac: Nice. Okay, how about giving us a short excerpt from your favorite scene in the story? And tell us why it’s your favorite.

Dina: This scene occurs early in my story. I chose it because it ties in so well with the title my author chose for the book.

The rushed nature of the engagement announcement finds both me and Ben competing for the last rental car available, a tiny convertible, when we arrive in South Carolina from our respective homes. Though I get there first, unfortunately I discover my memory of driving a straight shift is somewhat shaky. (I was sick that week in driver training. I had to learn on a simulator.) Somehow, when I put the car into reverse, I give it a little too much gas and land in a small mud puddle. Okay, a bog. Ben convinces me to let him share the car, since we’re going the same direction. (He is unaware my mother is his son’s new fiancée, and even though I figure out our connection, I don’t tell Ben at this point in the story. Hey, I don’t know him from Adam. He could be in on some kind of swindle with his son.) The rental agent provides some rough directions to get to our destination and we set off. We haven’t gone far before Ben brakes abruptly to avoid hitting a rabbit. A bunny, can you imagine? The sudden stop causes me to spill the bottle of water I’ve been drinking over Ben’s pants as well as the directions. I attempt to keep him from finding out we’re lost as long as I can, figuring all I have to do is keep us heading to the right, toward the coast. But eventually, we come to a three-way intersection and I have no idea which way to go.

They were approaching another crossroad. Ben eased up the vehicle at the stop sign and lifted his brow expectantly.

She studied her nails.

“Which one do we take?”

She kept her head down. No response.

“Dina? Which way?”

At length, she raised her head, a sheepish smile tugging the corners of her mouth. “Beats me. The directions were destroyed with the spill. I’ve been guessing ’til now. I have no idea where we are.”

Barbara: I’ll answer this one. I loved this scene because it continues to make Dina appear to be a ditz, just like her mother, which makes her crazy, because she sees herself as being so competent, so on top of things. Little by little, circumstances beyond her control are forcing her to open a few buttons on her buttoned-down life. I had a great time setting up scenes between Dina and Ben where they had to briefly set aside the reason they were both there at Dina’s mother’s summer house, to break up the engagement, and deal with Life’s little problems, like seasickness, a bug bite, and a pesky reporter.

Mac: Nice, Barbara, and smart. It’s the little moments between the characters that make the heart of a romance beat, after all. Now, before we finish, do you have a question for visitors, and where can we find you and DRIVEN TO MATRIMONY?

Dina: Under what circumstances do you enjoy reading physical comedy and what turns you off about it?  

Driven to Matrimony

The Sleepover Clause

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And He Cooks Too

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Hey Hey, romance junkies, welcome to another edition of What A Character Chat. This week is a crazy week for me, lots brewing in my manic world, so let’s jump right in and meet this week’s victim, er…interviewee, shall we? She’s the heroine of FOREVER AFTER by the fabulous Paisley Kirkpatrick.

Thank you for inviting me, Mac. I am Marinda Benjamin, the youngest of the Benjamin sisters, of Fulton County, Illinois. I haven’t had this much attention since Banker Danforth used me as a poker chip at the Hidey Hole Saloon. Needless to say, something like that can ruin a girl’s reputation.

Mac: Wow, Marinda, I should say so. A poker chip, you say? Ha! I can’t wait to hear more. In Twitter fashion, tell us about your story in 140 characters or less.

Marinda: Twitter? There is no twitter in the old west. Is that like a telegraph?

Blackmailed. Stop. How will I get out of this? Stop. I’m little more than a spy. Stop

Mac: Yeah, that caught my attention. I love it. What do you consider your biggest strength? Biggest weakness?

Marinda:  I guess if I had a weakness it would be that I tend to dig in once I make up my mind to do something. Even though I knew Ethan would not approve of my actions, I had to find a way to make the man who ruined my family pay. My biggest weakness is not thinking things through before I act on them. I mean, there always seems to be some repercussion that comes back to bite me.  Now that I think about it, maybe my biggest weakness is I hate to admit I’m wrong, which I rarely am.

I am still young, so haven’t really developed a lot of strengths yet. I am working on discovering what they are, but if I need to give you an answer right now I would say sticking by those I love. Because my sisters have run off, it falls to me to take care of my sick mother. She is all I have — well, except for Laura, our housekeeper.

Mac: Loyalty is a fine strength, and I unfortunately, a lot of us, ahem, older folks have that very same weakness. The romance genre is often heavy with heartbreaking conflict but what makes you laugh?

Marinda:  I am embarrassed to tell you this, but one of the best times I had was getting dirty in a mud fight. You see, my mother raised my sisters and me as ladies, and ladies don’t get their frocks dirty. Ethan sent me to help his brother Patrick, but when I saw Patrick cleaning the mud and gunk in the corral, I turned and hurried away. Unfortunately, he saw me before I could escape. The rogue grabbed me around the waist and carried me back to the corral. He had the nerve to drop me into the mud. I had to get even, didn’t I? I tossed a handful of the mud at Patrick and the fight was on. We laughed so hard at the mud dripping off our clothes that we couldn’t stop. Needless to say, Ethan did not appreciate our gaiety.

Mac: *grins* Ah, the old mud fight! I love those! Pffftt to Ethan. What was the toughest aspect of your story for you and Paisley to work through?

Marinda: Ethan frustrated me.

Mac: I can see why. 

Marinda: He couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t marry him. I tried to explain I needed to find out who I am before I’d marry anyone. He didn’t actually ask me to marry him. He assumed I would jump at the chance all three times he told me to marry him. The weird thing was — when I finally did tell him I would marry him, he turned me down.

Mac: Ha! Of course he did. Isn’t that just like a man? How about sharing a short excerpt from your favorite scene in the story. And tell us why it’s your favorite.

Marinda stood and walked toward the door. She gazed at the distinguished doctor before reaching for the handle. “I’m sorry you lost it. I’m sure it must have been a delightful experience for those around you.” She opened the door and started out of the room.

“Wait. What are you talking about? What did I lose?”

“Your smile,” she tossed over her shoulder as she stepped into the hall and closed the door behind her with a snap. Patrick’s guffawing followed her as she strode down the hall.

Marinda:  The doctor intimidated me and I finally found my voice. This was the first time I found the gumption to stand up for myself and I used humor to do it.

Paisley Kirkpatrick:  Excuse me for a moment, but I am the author of Marinda’s story.

Mac: Hiyia Paisley!

Paisley: Let me give you an idea of how I interpret her adventure:

A poker game forces Marinda Benjamin’s life into a devious scheme of adventure and revenge. When Ethan Braddock discovers his brother’s poker pot cleaning his private office, he jumps to the right conclusion — she is reluctantly spying for his worst enemy. Drawn by her innocence, he finds her irresistible and soon offers to marry her. She crushes his dreams by informing him she will only marry when she finds the forever after kind of love.

Marinda’s stubbornness dissolves when she discovers what she’s been looking for has been right in front of her all along and is then able to prove her worth when given the chance to right the wrongs done to her and her family by the corrupt man who almost ruined her life.

Marinda: Thanks, Paisley. You did a great job of helping me make the best decision of my life. While we are sharing confidences, I have a question of my own. I am looking for the forever-kind-of-love before I give my hand in marriage. Do you have certain qualities you are looking for in that special someone you can call your forever-after kind of love?

If you’d like to find out more about me, here are some links to help you:

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Hey Hey, romance junkies! Welcome back to another installment of What A Character Chat. Maybe it’s just that I have cowboys on my mind because my latest release, A Song for Sophie, available at Amazon (shameless plug – bat’s eyelashes) is a honky tonk romance, but I get all giddy these days when I come across a man in a cowboy hat. This week’s guest has got me giddy–on steroids. Meet Marshall Dylan Kane, the hero of Lawless Love by the talented Andrea Downing.

Welcome Marshall. Before we start, please tell us a little about your story, Lawless Love, twitter fashion in 140 characters or less.

Marshall Kane: Hey there, Mac.  Thanks so much for invitin’ me over today. 

Mac: Oh, my pleasure, believe me. 🙂

Marshall Kane: I’m gonna try this new-fangled Twitter thing.  140 characters, huh?  Let’s see if I can do it.

Black & white, right & wrong. Straight & narrow or twists & turns. A U. S. Marshal falling for a lady outlaw?  That’s just plain Lawless Love.

Well, not too certain if that’s what ya wanted but it sure sums it up.

Mac: You nailed it, Marshall. You’re a naturalin a sexy cowboy hat. *wink* What do you consider your biggest strength? Biggest weakness?

Marshall Kane: Heck, my biggest strength used to be that I saw everything quite clearly, right or wrong, it was plain as the nose on your face.  Law is a lovely thing; it beggars no questions—you’re either right or you’re wrong.  Leastways that’s what I thought ‘til Lacey walked into my life.  Biggest weakness was surely fallin’ for her, wantin’  a home life.  That put an end to seein’ things clearly, didn’t it?

Mac: *grins* Funny how falling in love both clarifies and muddies the waters of life, isn’t it? Speaking of the muddy side, the romance genre is often heavy with heartbreaking conflict but what makes you laugh?

Marshall Kane: Well, I tell ya now.  I been a Marshal for some time and the excuses these folks what have broken the law come up with, it just makes a man plum loco.  I mean, do they really think I believe all that?  THAT makes  me laugh, some of them excuses.  Give ya an example.  Caught a man t’other day stealin’ pumpkins from the mercantile.  Asked him why.  Did he say it was ‘cause his fam’ly was starvin’?  Did he say he was hungry and couldn’t help himself?  No sirree.  Went and told me he’s broke all his lanterns and wished to make a dang lantern out of the pumpkin.  Now, can you figure that?  Just makes me howl, that does.

Mac: LOL I can just imagine the excuses you hear in your profession. What was the toughest aspect of your story for you and your author, Andrea, to work through?

Marshall Kane: The love scenes of course!  What kinda question is that, Mac?

Mac: *snicker* 

Marshall Kane: Come to think of it, what kind of a girl’s name is Mac?  Someone got it wrong somewhere, that’s for sure.  Listen in, gal.  You got an author tellin’ a man how he’s gonna make love to his sweetheart, what each and every move is gonna be.  It just ain’t right.  These kinda things are private and now I got the whole world able to peek on in at us an’ see what we’re up to. It’s plain indecent.  That’s what it is.  Plain indecent.

Mac: Okay darlin’. You don’t mind if I call you darlin’, do you?

Marshall Kane: Well, heck, you can sure call me darlin’ but I haveta tell ya: Lacey can be a feisty little thing and she sure can get jealous, so be warned!

Mac: *grins* He’s all yours, Lacey. I’ll just admire your taste, sweetie. So, MarshallI’m the one howling now. First, Mac is a family name, but I’d rather talk about you and your performance anxiety…er, I mean, love scenes. You poor man, having a woman tell you how to romance your girl must have rankled, but I have a feeling you rose to the occasion. Oh crap, did I say that out loud? *blushes* Okay, back to the interview. Give us a short excerpt from your favorite scene in the story? And tell us why it’s your favorite.

Marshall Kane: Here’s the excerpt, Miss Mac:

     “ Dylan never let her finish. In two strides he had her in his arms, his mouth capturing hers as he held her to him. Lacey gasped as she allowed herself to be taken before melting into him, responding to his tongue’s search for her answer. She tried to think, to ask herself if this was what she wanted, but it was too late for any sense to rule. Her hands pulled his shirt out of his denims and ripped open the snaps, shoving it back from his arms to expose those muscles she had glimpsed at the river.

     Dylan shrugged off the shirt before grabbing his bedroll and throwing it down on clean straw. He fingered loose the plaits of her braid and inhaled sharply as her hair hung down about her shoulders.”

Marshall Kane: Now, you wanna go and ask me why that’s my favorite or you jus’ wanna guess?  How dang smart is a woman with a name like Mac?

Mac: Ha! Dang smart enough to know you’ve got nothing to complain about in the romance department, darlin‘. It looks like Andrea was kind to you in this sex scene. Very kind. *wink* How about you ask a question for visitors?

Marshall Kane: My question is this:  what do you think is the correct ratio of love scenes to pages?  I mean, here we have a story with about 44 pages in it and one real hot love scene –although I admit there is another semi-love scene, if I can call it that. Do y’all think that’s enough for 44 pages?  ’Cos I sure as heck coulda done with some more…

Mac: LMAO Just like a man. No matter how much, it’s never enough.*waggles brows*

Marshall Kane: Anyways, Miss Mac, it’s been a right pleasure bein’ here with y’all today.  Thanks for invitin’ me.  And if you ever get on over to Wyoming, well, you give us a visit now, ya hear?

Mac: It’s a deal. By the way, Andrea mentioned doing a giveaway of Lawless Love to one lucky commenter. We’ll leave it to you to decide who answers your question to your satisfaction. In the meantime, if you wouldn’t mind, how about sharing the blurb from Lawless Love and tell us where we can find your story and Andrea too.

Lawless Love Blurb:

Lacey Everhart has carved out a tough existence in the wilds of 1880s Wyoming, working hard to build a secure life for herself and her younger brother, Luke. She will stop at nothing to protect what’s hers and keep them safe. Even if it means keeping a secret that could destroy their lives.

Marshal Dylan J. Kane is a man who considers everything as black and white, right or wrong. He’s never seen life any other way until he sets eyes on Lacey. Suddenly the straight and narrow that he’s followed has a few twists and turns. Loving Lacey offers the home life for which he hankers…but can he really love a woman who seems to be plain lawless? 





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Hey hey, junkies!

Time for another installment of What A Character Chat. We’ve got a live one this week! Help me welcome Blake Caldwell, the hero of Can’t Buy Me Love by the fabulous Amy Lillard.

Hiya, Blake! Such a cutie. Before we begin, would you mind telling us about your story in Twitter fashion?

Blake: To inherit the family fortune, Blake Caldwell must marry. He waits too long and is forced to wed a stranger. What could possibly go wrong?

Mac: Oh, I have the feeling plenty will go wrong on the way to right. What do you consider your biggest strength?

Blake: Well, Mac…can I call you Mac?

Mac: Of course.

Blake: I feel my biggest strength is my loyalty. I have worked so very hard at Caldwell Clothing to keep it up and running. I’ve given everything and more to the company. Maybe that’s why I don’t see the fairness in having to find a bride I neither want or need. 

Mac: Uh huh. Biggest weakness?

Blake: I guess some would say that I’m a bit stubborn. I don’t know that I necessarily consider that a weakness, but I believe that Paige might disagree with me.

Mac: Yeah, see. I noticed that stubborn tendency in the biggest strength answer. It’s a guy thing. Chicks understand that life is hardly ever fair, so I’m sure Paige would disagree with you. Ahem! The romance genre is often heavy with heartbreaking conflict but what makes you laugh?

Blake: Lately, not much. But I used to love to watch old black and white movies with my Aunt Virginia. I enjoy my morning swim in the pool, but I can’t say that it makes me laugh. Hmmm…that’s a tough one. Perhaps that means I should stop being so concerned with work and learn to laugh a bit more. Interesting…

Mac: Ya think? Oh, Paige! *winks* Okay, what was the toughest aspect of your story for you and your author, Amy, to work through?

Blake: Paige feels that she is not as beautiful as her sister Lydia. How could she not be? They are twins after all. But somehow Lydia manages to attract the limelight while Paige has been content her whole life to live in the African jungle among a tribe that could count on one hand the number of white men they’ve seen.

Having her find her self-worth and beauty was feat in itself. I’m still not sure to this day that she realizes how very lovely—and worthy—she is. I guess I’ll just have to keep showing her.

Mac: Oh, Blake. Great answer. There’s hope for you yet. 😉 Give us a short excerpt from your favorite scene in Can’t Buy Me Love, will you? And tell us why it’s your favorite.

Blake paused at Paige’s door. She looked sleepy and content as she gazed up at him with those dangerous sea‑colored eyes. She looked so natural with her strappy pink shoes hooked on the fingers of one hand. It would be all too easy to lean down and capture her mouth with his own, then to push his way into that yellow and white room and make love to her until the sun went down tomorrow.

He dragged his gaze away from hers. He couldn’t do that to her. He couldn’t do that to himself. In a few short months this chapter of his life would be closed and the both of them would join the statistics of the divorced.

“Good night, Paige,” he whispered gruffly. He turned and hurried to his room before he could change his mind.


Blake: Maybe it’s not this scene that’s my favorite but what it leads up to. I walk away from her once. But I won’t a second time. A marriage of convenience can only last so long, I knew that going in, but I don’t think Paige realized it until this night.

Favorite? Oh, yeah.

Mac: LOL You’re such a guy, Blake. Now, last but not least, please ask one question for visitors.

Blake: How much money would it take for you to marry a stranger?

Mac: Hmmm. That’s a tough one. After all, I’m not cheap, but I can be had. 😉 So, I’d love another little taste of Can’t Buy Me Love, and where can we find you…er, your story, and Amy?


Thanks to his aunt’s cockamamie will, Blake Caldwell has two choices: get married or forfeit the family fortune. He’s worked too hard to let it all go. He’s got to get married. All he needs now is someone who’s not from his social circle. A woman willing to sign a pre-nup and walk away after the required year of marriage.

Enter Paige Parker: temporary secretary and wallflower extraordinaire. Paige just wants to raise enough money to get back to her father’s missionary work in Africa. Blake’s offer of marriage is the perfect solution. Play wife for one year, then she can return to the remote village where she belongs.

But marriage between strangers is never easy. Blake finds Paige more of a distraction than an asset as she begins to transform before his eyes. Until the sudden and strange accidents that endanger Blake’s life have him suspecting his plain bride wants the entire inheritance for herself.

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Hey hey romance junkies! Have I got an otherworldly, southern treat for you in this week’s What A Character Chat. Say hello to Madison Lee from The Southern Werewolf Chronicles by J. Morgan. Hiya Madison!

Madison: First off, let me say thank you for asking me by today. It’s not everyday little old Madison Lee gets invited to be interviewed by such a prestigious online publication. Well, not since I won Miss Louisiana back in… Unless we’re off the record, you don’t need to know a specific date, and I’m not giving you one. Oh, before I forget. Beulah had me bring one of her Blue Ribbon blackberry cobblers. Never show up empty handed she always says.

Mac: Blackberry cobbler? Yumm!!! Bless Beulah’s heart. While I take just a little taste, would you give us a taste of (book) Twitter fashion?

Madison: As a true Southern Deb, I don’t Twitter. People are all up in my business without help from the internet. Thank you very much.

Mac: LOL Amen sister. Okay, how about this. What do you consider your biggest strength?

Madison: Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you my biggest strength is my keen fashion sense. It has gotten me out of more jams than I care to think about. Though, it didn’t do squat when I became a freaking werewolf. Who would have thought someone with my impeccable breeding would catch a Paranormal STD from a one night stand. They never shop that factoid around in travel brochures when you’re looking for the perfect European getaway. Then again, going to Transylvania might not have been my best idea ever.

Mac: Oh, hell. *snort* Sorry, I don’t mean to snicker but I’m trying to picture a former Miss Louisiana discovering she’s caught a Paranormal STD. But hey, at least you’re a well-dressed werewolf. *clears throat* So, biggest weakness?

Madison: I don’t have weaknesses. I have less perfect perfections. Though if I had to admit to something, I guess I’d have to say… Nope, got nothing.

Mac: *grin* A woman after my own heart. Never admit to something that isn’t true. Now, the romance genre is often heavy with heartbreaking conflict but what makes you laugh?

Madison: I try not to laugh. It gives you those little wrinkles in the corners of your eyes, and those jowly things. But, I do find those cat things on a Facebook amusing. I’d just love to howl at the moon and chase them up a tree. Oops. Forget I said that. The Ladies League might not approve. They adore cats for some reason.

Mac: *Pushes at the little wrinkles at the corner of her eyes and refuses to think of jowly things* Did I mention I’m a cat chick? Thank God for the Ladies League. What was the toughest aspect of your story for you and J. to work through?

Madison: Depilatory issues. Being a werewolf is hell on the hair follicles.

Mac: Holy hell, I never thought of that!

Madison: Let’s not even go into unsightly hair in the weirdest of places. In spite of what you might think, duct tape is not a skin friendly alternative for controlling unruly bikini lines. Oh and I guess, being chased by crazed monster hunters would come in a close second.

Mac: *Looking dazed* Uh, yeah. I can see where crazed monster hunters might be a problem. How about giving us a short excerpt from your favorite scene in the story? And tell us why it’s your favorite.

Madison: Why is this my favorite? Because, it introduces me to the world. Like my coming out party all over again, only with fur instead of a staggeringly expensive gown. I know I may come off a bit conceited in this, but understand it’s just a mask I wear so people don’t get to know me. I’m really shy and retiring, in a pushy B-word kind of way. What can I say? I’m a wolf in stunning haut contour.

Not to sound totally insane, but how much wax does it take to do a bikini line when you’re a freaking werewolf? It wasn’t even close to a full moon, and I looked like I’d just staggered off Gilligan’s Island and the Professor hadn’t figure out how to turn a coconut into a Lady Bic. I’m sure Mabelle would have an absolute cow if I showed up at the Gilded Lady with a five o’clock shadow all the way down to my hot pink toenails. As a fully debutanted Southern Belle, my appearance represented not only myself, but the entirety of the South.
Heady thought, but I’d grown used to the pressures associated with my station in life. I’m not being egotistical. Please don’t think you’re dealing with one of those crazed high strung society sluts who thinks the world revolved around them. I’m nothing more than your average every day run of the mill country girl who just so happened to live in an antebellum home with fifty or so acres to romp around on and a trust fund that’d make your jaw hit the ground. Not bragging, stating the truth. Don’t hate me for being beautiful. Hate me because your boyfriend just slipped my number into his Top Five.

Mac: Okay, dammit. I’ll be right back. I have a book to purchase. I sure hope there’s room on my kindle. While I’m gone, why don’t you ask our visitors a question?.

Madison: Hmmm. One question, huh? I guess it would have to be… Does anyone know a better way to remove unsightly fur, because that duct tape mess is starting to chaff like you wouldn’t believe?

Just in case you’re interested in finding out more about me and my books. Here are some handy dandy links to where you can find out everything Madison Lee. Thank, y’all for having me.

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And, you can find out more about my biographer, J. Morgan, at this links he says I must post since he wasn’t invited to be here, because quite frankly he’s no me, and I mean that sincerely. He’s not.

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 Hiya romance junkies. It’s Tuesday and you know what that means…

What A Character Chat!

That’s right, and I’ve got a very special character for you today. Little Janna is here to give her special perspective of her daddy’s romance, Risk Factors by the fabulous Calisa Rhose. OMG she is just the cutest thing!

Calisa Rhose: Hi Mac. It’s a pleasure to drop Janna off to chat with you today. I’m sure her parents can drop in later to pick her up and maybe talk a bit too. Have fun. You’re in for a treat!

Mac: Thanks Calisa. That’s the plan, sweetie. Hiya Janna, I’m so glad to have you here today, pumpkin. So, can you tell us about Risk Factors? I understand it’s your daddy and Viv’s story.

Janna: She’s a veterinarian on a mission to claim his heart and gain a family, he’s a father determined to protect his child no matter what. Can a child bring their love together?

Mac: Wow! Very nice description. What do you consider your biggest strength?

Janna: Hmm I’m only seven, so I’m not very strong. Does loving my skunk, Skittles, count? Daddy says I’m really good at that.

Mac: LOL I’d say that counts. What about your biggest weakness?

Janna: I asked Viv about my weakness and she said I’m weak when it comes to animals. I have a LOT! *giggles*

Mac: *grins* I had a lot when I was a little girl too. That just shows you have a loving heart. The romance genre is often heavy with heartbreaking conflict but what makes you laugh?

Janna: This question! *laughs* Maybe Viv can tell you what you want to know.

Viv: *laughs and nods* I can take this one, Janna. As you can imagine, this child makes us laugh every day. But when she isn’t around to cheer us up, Connor and I do a fine job by ourselves. Just having someone so wonderful to love is enough to make me smile.

Mac: As it should. *winks* Welcome Viv. So, Janna, what was the toughest aspect of your story for you and Calisa to work through?

Janna: When Heidi died. I never lost a pet before and Heidi was older than me so that was hard for us because Ms. Rhose is an animal lover too. She said to say, “No animals were really killed when she wrote the book.” *wipes a tear away* But it sure felt like it when Heidi left.

Mac: Oh, that’s a tough one, isn’t it? I’m sorry, pumpkin. Give us a short excerpt from your favorite scene in the story?

Janna: Can I let Daddy do this one? He doesn’t like my favorite part much.

Connor: *laughs* I’ve got this one, Jelly Bean.

Mac: Oh, hello, Connor. Go right ahead and give us your favorite part.

“Don’t you see? There will never be us. Not until you let go and trust. You can’t wait for me to come to you when I know before I ever get there that you’ll shut me out.

Connor: This is my favorite line because it made me realize Viv was right about us. I just had to give us a chance and stop pushing her away before I lost her.

Mac: Nice! Go Viv! Okay, Janna, do you have a question for our visitors?

Janna: I know! What’s your favorite animal? Mine is skunks…but not when they still stink. *plugs her nose to prove how distasteful that is* Thank you for letting me come talk to you, Ms. Mac. You’re really nice and pretty. Bye!

Mac: Oh, yeah. I really like her!  Viv and Connor, before you go, tell us a little bit more about your story and where we can find it.


Love, like life, is not without risk.

BLURB- Veterinarian Vivian Dane has purchased her uncle’s practice in the tiny town of Wales, Missouri, where most residents still doubt her ability to treat their pets. But Viv is used to being considered less-worthy than her predecessors. After all, her parents are world-renowned wildlife vets, and most everyone is unimpressed she’s chosen to not follow directly in their footsteps.

Now Connor, a patient’s owner, is hot for Viv, but clearly doesn’t think she’s dating material because he has a daughter…who he believes no woman is good enough for.

Being a perfect dad is EMT paramedic Connor’s life focus. He can’t seem to stay away from sexy Doctor Viv, but attraction is as far as he’ll ever let it go. His mother abandoned him, leaving him to be raised in the foster system, and then his wife abandoned both him and their daughter. He absolutely will not risk bringing another woman into his little girl’s life and having her feel the hurt of being left…again.

Forfeiting is easier than attempting and failing. So why does Viv feel compelled to prove she’s a sure bet for Connor and his daughter? Can Connor trust Viv–and himself–enough to play the possibilities?


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Author Bio:

Calisa Rhose is an Okie, born and bred, through and through, and proud of it. While growing up, when she wasn’t on the back of a horse, she could be found with pen and paper in hand. Her writing career began with poetry in her younger days. Then she discovered Rock-n-Roll and cute musicians. Poetry turned into stories of romance and dreams. These days she lives with the same man who convinced her to take a romantic journey with him almost 30 years ago. After raising three strong daughters she spends her days loving their granddaughters, hoping for a boy someday, and writing. When she’s not writing, you can find Calisa putting on her editor hat and working to help other published and aspiring writers.

She is working on more projects with her favored contemporary cowboys, first responders and firemen, as well as, the occasional ‘other’ heroes- and their sexy female counterparts, those sassy, stubborn heroines.

Find Calisa at her website/chit-chat blog

Twitter@CalisaRhose, Facebook/Calisa Rhose, Goodreads, Amazon and Pinterest