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Oops! I was a bit slow to respond, but I’ve been zig-zag tagged by friend and fabulous author, Hywela Lyn. Lyn creates wonderfully romantic worlds in her writings, full of richness and color. For a small sample, you can check her zig-zag snippet here. In the meantime, I’m tasked with pulling out my work in progress, searching for the word “look”, and posting the surrounding paragraphs or text, before shooting the tag at five authors I admire.

As it happens, my WIP is a football romance. I’m kind of a football junkie, and I’ve been having a ball throwing a female football blogger with an attitude at the NFL’s number one tight-end, and watching the sparks fly. So, here’s a short excerpt from Gracie and Jake’s first meeting. Oh, and I thought I’d share my inspiration for Jake, for your viewing pleasure. 😉


She jerked her gaze back to the shiny silver Bentley to find Jake striding toward her. A big man, he projected the rugged male presence that had cast him in numerous feminine fantasies amongst the women who visited her blog each week. And Gracie couldn’t fault them for their choice of leading man. She’d enjoyed more than her own share of secret imaginings staring the Marauder’s sexy tight-end.

His nasty insults the other day should have dealt a death blow to her foolish infatuation, but the two dimensional image she’d admired so often on her TV screen couldn’t have prepared her for the flesh and bone temptation closing the distance with prowling grace. Six-foot-five with a fallen angel’s face and the body of a god, his thigh muscles flexed in a long-legged swagger beneath faded blue jeans and his shoulders appeared a yard wide. Dismay crowded panic as every double X chromosome in her system quivered with giddy, XXX delight.

Down, girls. He may look like walking sex, but those boots are more likely to stomp us into the ground than end up under our bed.

Thanks for tagging me, Lyn. And as for those five authors I admire enough to tag… their links are below. I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Jillian Chantal

LaVerne Clark

JM Stewart

Juli D Revezzo

Mae Claire

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10 Responses
  1. LOVE this snippet, Mac! Thanks for the tag!

  2. Jillian says:

    Cool. I can post mine later in the week.

  3. Hywela Lyn says:

    Ooh fantastic excerpt Mac – sizzling stuff! Thanks for taking part, this is fun isn’t it!

  4. Ooo! Love your excerpt Mac! And LOVE your visual of Jake too. Sigh…
    I’ll gladly play along too – thanks for tagging me!

    • maccrowne says:

      I love being an author, LaVerne. Where else can a football loving woman live out her fantasies with such a fine specimen as Jake?

      Oh, by the way? I started Affinity last night. YUMM!!

  5. Mae Clair says:

    Oooh, what a yummy snippet. And a fun tag. thanks for including me! 🙂

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