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Hubby and kids, including my two gorgeous G’babies.





As you can see from the family portrait, I’m one of eight, and number five in the birth order. My sissies and I love to cruise. From left to right: Me, Two, Seven and Six

I’m blessed to have the greatest girlfriends in the world. Our gatherings are frequent, and full of love and laughter.

Six and I at my first booksigning for 'Nipple".

Six and me at my very first book-signing event ~ “Pink” featured Where Would You Like Your Nipple? as well as many artists in a celebration of the female form and raised funds for Faces of Courage, a non profit providing camp getaways for cancer patients and their families.





G’girl Shae. My sassy little punk keeps me hopping and was a sweet inspiration throughout my BC battle. My survivor buddy.







G’Boy Creeden. Don’t you want to pinch those cheeks?







Along with hubby, my real life MacGyver, I spend as much time as possible on our 40 acre “compound” in the mountains east of Tucson.