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 Hey hey, romance junkies!

Three books. Fifteen stars! I LOVED these stories! Check ’em out!!!





 I received an advance copy of this title in exchange for my honest review and went on to buy a copy because wow. Just WOW! In my opinion, this book deserves more than a five star. If you like a fast paced story with blood pumping suspense, steamy romance and in-your-face funny dialog that makes you pee your pants laughing, Rules of Protection is your ticket to a raucous good time.

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I loved this story. Quirky, surprising and funny.  A fresh new voice in the paranormal romance genre, Vonnie Davis delivers a sexy shifter romance with hunks in kilts that will tickle your funny bone and leave you sighing.

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5 Suspenseful Stars




Despite grinding my teeth from time to time, I couldn’t walk away from this story. Ms. Simone held me captive with a totally seductive story, intriguing characters, a mean ass villain and twist I should have been able to see coming. I didn’t see five stars coming, either, but they are totally deserved.

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With summertime here, my kindle is burning up with all the titles I’ve downloaded but haven’t had the time to read. In the past two weeks I’ve read several romances I thoroughly enjoyed and, in the interest of efficiency, decided to do a blast review. I recommend all three of these fabulous stories. You can find them and my full reviews at Amazon. Enjoy!



Kelly Moran

Five Bells and Whistles

“Coming from a large family, I loved the chaos of the Covic’s interactions. Quirky, charming and fun, the diverse cast of characters were a great backdrop to the blooming romance between Cam and Troy. Ms. Moran moved the couple’s relationship from friendship to love with perfect pacing while making me laugh, cry and cheer.”




Avery Flynn

Five Bells and Whistles

“Sexy, smart and witty, this read is a thoroughly fun ride. Both lead characters had just enough baggage and charm to have me rooting for their happily ever after from the first meeting and the nasty villain(s) kept me guessing long beyond where most stories tip their hands.”




Maeve Greyson

Four Bells and Whistles

“Maeve Greyson always delivers and she’s done so again with Stone Guardian. A solid contemporary with mystical elements, her hero is one sexy alpha with a heart, her heroine is a strong woman who knows her mind, the romance was spicy hot and her villain scared the crap out of me.”

Braedric’s Bane is the fourth and final installment in the Golden Key Chronicles, a HarperImpulse Fantasy Romance Novella series by AJ Nuest.

I LOVED this love story and this series. Ms Nuest sucked me in with her rich writing style, smoothly delivering me into the heart of a mysterious fantasy kingdom. Along with a strong, feisty heroine, charming, sexy hero, intriguingly evil villain and lovable secondary characters, The Golden Key Chronicles took me on a wild fantasy ride full of action, intrigue and purely sexy fun.

I’m looking forward to future adventures penned by Ms Nuest’s talented hand.

5 Bells & Whistles

Rowena's KeyRowena’s Key by A.J. Nuest

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Like the best fairy tales, Rowena’s Key captures the imagination and the heart with an added undercurrent of spicy romance. I thoroughly enjoyed this magical tale of threatened kingdoms, an unexpected heroine with the courage to follow her heart and the sexy hero sworn to protect her. This was such a fun read. I can’t wait for book two.

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Affinity by LaVerne Clark

4 bells & whistles

I loved the premise of this story, and as this is the first title I’ve read by this author, I was thrilled to see her writing was just as pleasing. I immediately felt an affinity (sorry, pun intended) for Jenna. Who wouldn’t cheer for a woman who exposes herself to ridicule to save a little boy? And the innate connection between Jenna and Nick only heightened the sensual chemistry between them. I was hooked from the beginning. My only complaint, the story wrapped up too quickly. This was a relatively short story but the villain’s agenda was fascinating. I would have loved to have seen the conflict drawn out more fully. Overall, a very unique and fun story. I’ll be looking for more titles by Ms Clarke.

Mona Lisa’s Room by Vonnie Davis

Four stars

I don’t read very many romantic suspense titles since they normally aren’t my thing. I’m a weenie at heart and prefer my heart thumping to come from a steamy love scene or laugh out loud, witty dialog than from that danger right around the corner. But alas, I’m a fan of Ms Davis’ writing so what else could I do but take the plunge? I’m happy to say I wasn’t disappointed. Like all good romantic suspense, Mona Lisa’s Room delivered the steam and laughs, as well as a nail-biting, suspenseful adventure right out of today’s headlines.

Lighthearted and sexy, this quick read has all the elements I look for in an enjoyable, summer afternoon read; A strong heroine and an irresistible bad boy hero thrown together in fun circumstances where witty dialog offsets the subtle unveiling of likeable personalities. Add a healthy dose of sexy attraction and oh yeah, I’m entertained.

4 bells & whistles

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