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Haunted Souls by Kathryn Knight

Paranormal Romantic Suspense (Military Romance + Ghost Mystery)

The Wild Rose Press


Four years ago, Emily Shea and Staff Sergeant Brett Leeds agreed to part with no strings attached. Sparks flew during their brief affair, but fate intervened, sending Brett overseas. When an unexpected pregnancy derailed Emily’s own plans, her attempts to locate Brett were soon overwhelmed by the challenges of single motherhood. Now, Brett has returned home, and Emily is forced to share her secret.

Despite feeling betrayed, Brett is determined to forge a relationship with their son, Tyler. As the former lovers battle both their inner demons and their mutual desire, another presence enters their lives—Tyler’s imaginary friend.

Soon, however, the chilling evidence points to a different conclusion: a ghost has formed a dangerous connection with their son. Emily’s attempts to help both a lost soul and a friend in need spiral toward a deadly confrontation, and Brett must race to save Emily before he loses her again—forever.




Author Photo 3Kathryn Knight spends a great deal of time in her fictional world, where mundane chores don’t exist and daily life involves steamy romance, dangerous secrets, and spooky suspense.  Kathryn writes contemporary romance spiked with mysterious hauntings as well as YA paranormal romance filled with forbidden love.  Her novels are award-winning #1 Amazon Bestsellers and RomCon Reader Rated picks.  When she’s not reading or writing, Kathryn spends her time catching up on those mundane chores, driving kids around, and teaching writing classes. Two of her ghost story/romance titles, Gull Harbor and Haunted Souls, are set on beautiful Cape Cod, where she lives with her husband, their two sons, and a number of rescued pets.

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What do a gallery owner, ancient Celtic warriors, and the owner of an antique store have in common…besides their author? Come spend some time with paranormal romance and fantasy author Juli D. Revezzo, March 31, at 3PM at paranormal and romance lovers, Facebook page and find out!

Juli D. Revezzo is a Florida girl, with a love of fantasy, science fiction, and Arthurian legend, so much so she gained a B.A. in English and American Literature. She loves writing stories with fantastical elements whether it be a full-on fantasy, or a story set in this world–slightly askew. She has been published in short form in Crossing the River: An Anthology of Pagan Fiction in Honor of Sacred Journeys; Eternal Haunted Summer; Dark Things II: Cat Crimes (a charity anthology for cat related charities), Luna Station Quarterly, The Scribing Ibis: An Anthology of Pagan Fiction in Honor of Thoth, and Twisted Dreams Magazine. She is author of The Artist’s Inheritance, Caitlin’s Book of Shadows (of the Antique Magic series) and has recently released her debut paranormal romance novel, Passion’s Sacred Dance. She also has an article and book review or two out there. But her heart lies in the storytelling. She is a member of the Independent Author Network and the Magic Appreciation Tour.



Homepage: http://julidrevezzo.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/julidrevezzo

Twitter: @julidrevezzo


Hey hey, romance junkies.

Not long ago a talented author friend of mine came to me with a special request, and I simply couldn’t turn her down. Now I’m coming to you. Read on and you’ll see why. Her name is Juli D Revezzo and she writes fabulously rich paranormal romance. I’ll let her explain her worthy request in her own words. 

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Take it away, Juli…

Some of you may’ve read about this already so please forgive the repeat. You know my little brother died in 2012 from Fibrolomellar type Hepatocellular carcinoma. It is a cancer that hits young people and has a really high death rate. Joe fought it for four years before it killed him. Well, sometime last year I found this foundation for research for the blasted disease and I’ve been thinking about doing some sort of special sale on my Antique Magic series  with an eye to donating some of the proceeds to the foundation.

Why the Antique Magic books? Because the whole feel of them, my heroine’s ghost contact, her ghost hunting and all that she does with the ghosts she helps was inspired by Joe’s interest in the paranormal and love of horror movies and all. Now I’m gearing up to release Drawing Down The Shades, the next in the series,  out on Amazon/B&N etc. by January 5th, and  I thought I’d take whatever piddly royalties I get from the sales  of her series books (The Artist’s Inheritance, CAITLIN’S BOOK OF SHADOWS, and Drawing Down The Shades on January 6-8th (his birthdate) and donating it to the FCF.                                                                                    

Best wishes,

Hey cyber surfers, it’s Tuesday! Which means it’s time for another installment of What a Character where we hear from a new and diverse character every week. This week’s victim comes to us courtesy of the talented Dani Lyn Alexander. Welcome Shay McKeon, the heroine from Trust and Betrayal, a paranormal romance.

I do love paranormal romance. In fact, my first book, Gift of the Realm, falls into this category…but I digress. Ahem. So, Shay, I’m so happy you’re here. Love that cover by the way. Please, in Twitter fashion, tell us about your story in 140 characters or less.

Shay: I’m beaten, left for dead, and Mason takes me to the Realm of Light where I become a Guardian. Together we must try and save my daughter.

Mac: Wow! Sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate. What do you consider your biggest strength?

Shay: My love for my children helps me to stay strong enough to do what I have to do.

Mac: Yeah, kids can bring out the best in us. And your biggest weakness?

Shay: I get too emotional when it comes to my children being in danger. With our telepathic bond my fears disturb the whole team.

Mac: I can imagine, but hey, telepathic bond? What a great skill to have. The romance genre is often heavy with heartbreaking conflict but what makes you laugh?

Shay: Murfy, my enormous, male Bernese Mountain Dog, who thinks he’s a lap dog.

Mac: Okay, I’m toast. I can’t resist a story with a dog and a WIP I’m working on includes a border collie-jack russell mix named… Murphy! Be right back. I have to go buy a book. 😉 While, I’m gone, what was the toughest aspect of your story for you and Dani Lyn to work through?

Shay: My story has a lot of characters, many of them twins. Keeping track of where they all are and what they’re all doing can be difficult.

Mac: Back, and my kindle is sizzling. Love that buy button at Amazon. Don’t you? Wait, twins? Okay, this is getting a little freaky.  Did I mention my Murphy’s WIP has twins? Hmmm. Can you give us a short excerpt from your favorite scene in the story? And tell us why it’s your favorite.

Shay left the kitchen with Murfy on her heels. As they passed the living room, Murfy stopped short, a low warning growl emanating from deep in his throat. The familiar sense of unease crept over her. She studied the room carefully. Everything seemed to be in place. Yet the longer she stood observing the room, the more distorted it appeared. Everything was shimmering, hazy. When the first shadow appeared, she gasped. A male form moved across the room. She froze, unable to move, and watched him. She didn’t feel threatened in any way; he made no move toward her, and she was once again able to take a breath as he paced across the luxurious rug. He was insubstantial—just a silhouette outlined by the rays of the morning sun.

Shay: This scene comes just before everything goes crazy, one of my last peaceful moments.

Mac: It does seem as though things are about to get a little sticky. Thanks so much for sharing with us, and before you go, do you have a question for visitors.

Shay: As Guardians, Mason and I share a telepathic bond. We are able to experience all of each other’s feelings, both physically and emotionally. Would you want to share such a bond with your partner?

Mac: Hmmm Now that I think it through … LOL I’ll leave it up to others to answer that. And hey, folks. You can find out more about Dani Lyn and all her stories at the links below.


Trust and Betrayal available @ Amazon | BarnesAndNoble | AllRomanceBooks