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Hey hey, romance junkies. Welcome to Teaser Tuesday. The following tease is from That Certain Something, the second book in a three book contemporary football series I’m currently shopping.

The premise:

Neuroses and self-induced isolation are the legacy of CC Calhoun’s dysfunctional childhood until she literally lands in Kevin “Tuck” Tucker’s lap. When the sexy wide receiver’s shocking kiss stops a debilitating panic attack in its tracks, she has to wonder, has she been cheating herself out a normal life by avoiding men all these years? To test the theory, she propositions Tuck, but will her idea of a few simple dates with the infamous womanizer cure her or is she destined for a broken heart?

The setup:

She’s just laid out her proposition, complete with restrictions. Some kissing and maybe a little light petting is okay but she has no intention of taking their relationship further than semi-platonic. Tuck has other ideas and demands a demonstration, starting with a soul wrenching kiss. Um, yeah. Did I mention Tuck looks a lot like Kris Hemsworth in my mind? Just sayin’.

Unblinking, her eyes met his. His chest bellowed like a thoroughbred after a trip around an oval track, making his voice husky and low. “Still need a second to think?”

“About what?”

Despite the fire raging in his gut, he chuckled, and although he wanted nothing more than to taste her again, he settled for a touch. Fingering a golden curl, he tucked the cool silk behind her ear. “Right answer. Any more points I need to know about?”

She dropped her forehead to his chest for a long moment then straightened. He let her go when she stepped back. “Can I get back to you on that? I can’t seem to recall any points at the moment.”

He fought a grin and crossed his arms to keep from reaching for her again. He might be making the biggest mistake of his life, but her candid honesty charmed him almost as much as her honey sweet body. “You’ve got yourself a deal, sunshine, if you agree to my points.”

Some of the languidness cooled in her eyes. “You have points?”

He nodded.

“How many?”

He held up three fingers.

“What’s number one?”

“Three dates won’t do. Give me a minimum of three weeks or no deal.”

She studied him silently then nodded. “What’s the second point?”

“I decide what we do on these dates.”

She shook her head. “I’m serious about overcoming the attacks, Tuck. I can’t do that if I don’t push myself. To do that, the dates need to be in a public place.”

“Oh, I can guarantee you’ll be pushed.” He planned to do plenty of pushing. She wasn’t the only one with a theory to test. “We’ll deal with your fear of crowds, but from the sound of things, you don’t have a lot of experience just having fun. Stick with me.” He tapped a fingertip to her nose. “I’ll give you three weeks you’ll never forget.”

He smiled when she swallowed, hard. “And three?”

“I’ve agreed to your points. I expect you to agree to mine. Unlike you, I know the pleasure a man and woman can find together when the attraction is mutual.” He narrowed his eyes. “Don’t bother trying to claim that isn’t the case here. You practically melted in my arms.” She lifted her chin. He grinned, holding up a hand. “I’d never force a woman, but that doesn’t mean I won’t do my damndest to get you into my bed.” He leaned closer until her uneven breaths once again bathed his lips with moist heat. “And don’t fool yourself, sunshine. I’ll succeed.”

He wasn’t sure which of them was more surprised by his warning. A virgin. Jesus, what was he thinking? The inner cautioning didn’t stop him from jumping in with both feet. He straightened away from her, but held her unblinking gaze. “Knowing that up front, if you insist on finding yourself a test stud, I’m your man.”

I hope you enjoyed this week’s teaser. For more of my lighthearted contemporary romance titles, visit The Wild Rose Press or Amazon.

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  1. AJ Nuest says:

    GAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! How come I haven’t seen this yet? Is this in the chapter you sent me?? Oh my GOD! I love it! And that picture of Chris is PERFECT for Tuck. Scurrying off right now to read your chapter. Did I already say it? GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

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