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Mona Lisa’s Room by Vonnie Davis

Four stars

I don’t read very many romantic suspense titles since they normally aren’t my thing. I’m a weenie at heart and prefer my heart thumping to come from a steamy love scene or laugh out loud, witty dialog than from that danger right around the corner. But alas, I’m a fan of Ms Davis’ writing so what else could I do but take the plunge? I’m happy to say I wasn’t disappointed. Like all good romantic suspense, Mona Lisa’s Room delivered the steam and laughs, as well as a nail-biting, suspenseful adventure right out of today’s headlines.

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  1. Vonnie Davis says:

    Thanks, Mac, I’m thrilled you enjoyed the read. This was my first attempt at writing romantic suspense. Finding the balance between romantic sigh moments and heart-pounding OMG moments involved a lot of rewriting…and rewriting…and banging my forehead on my desk. If I entertained you, every moment of my angst was worth it. Hugs, hon.

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